• FakeAccountPlease

    Hi, all.
    I'm David Schmidt, an aspiring animator, future adult, and former troll who lives in Britain. You may know me as Galadhanu.

    I joined Wikia in 2012 at the age of 12. I took up a fake name and fake identity. I was a bit of a troubled kid. I acted up a lot under different usernames over on the Lego wiki for a couple of years. Most of that was age-related (I'd never been part of an online community before!) but it festered over time to become a habit.
    Jump forward two years later to 2014. I'm fourteen now (back then). I stumble upon this new website based on Mixels. I decide I want to start fresh and try to break new habits so I tell lies about myself and who I was. I said I work for Lego (I didn't. Duh.) I thought it would help me to fi…

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