UPDATE 9/4/19: The Spikels Max Pose has been found While searching on the wiki I found some merchandise with some of the 2014 maxes on it.

They actually have action poses just like every mixel from series 1-3 had

Also on the canada website for CN the Fang Gang Max appeared with an action pose as well
Long-sleeve shirt

Frosticons Max, ECA host mix, and the Murp from Murp (lol)

Fang Gang Max Pose

Fang Gang Max on the canada mixels website

Glorp Corp Max 2014 Facebook

GCM On the Mixels facebook? idk


Cragsters Max seen on this art kit

Some Maxes that don't have artwork or haven't been seen

Infernites Max

Electroids Max

Flexers Max
Spikels Max Pose

Credit to CoinsCP for finding this.

Wiztastics Max

who knows, maybe we'll find more lost media stuff

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