I just created some staff templates for all of the bureaucrats,admins,chat moderators and (currently none) rollbacks.

Goxcrat.png This user is a Bureaumax!

That means that this user is at the top of the wiki!

Tungsteradmin.png This user is an Admix!

That means that this user patrols the wiki and stops vandals!

Zorchchatmod.png This user is a Mailman!

That means that this user monitors the chat often!

Shuffrollback.png This user is a Rollback!

That means that this user can revert bad edits with ease! They also get the powers of moderator as well!

I have a few exclusive ones.

Dribbalfounder.png This user is the Founder!

That means this user created the Mixels Wiki!

And I'm the only one who can use this one...

Seismo Template Creator.png
This user is a staff template creator! That means that this user created the staff templates!
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