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  • DeKrogMination

    Ask me stuff. But no innappriorate questions or overly-random questions.

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  • DeKrogMination

    Aye guys, Krog here.

    Lately, there are complaints about non-Mixels topics like Undertale, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, etc. From what I heard, there are pictures of them and these topics are brought up on the wiki chat.

    To clarify this situation, lemme throw my two cents here:

    First, the images won't harm the Wiki in any way, as long as it's following the policy for images & isn't offensive for anyone.

    And for the chat topics, people are allowed to talk about topics unrelated to Mixels. So non-Mixels topics are common on chat.

    UPDATE: Okay, I saw that an user made a 'no DHMIS on this wiki, YT, and dA' rule proposal blog (the blog is now deleted, though).

    ...Seriously? If you hate a franchise, could you just shut up and let others enjoy it? And also, reg…

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  • DeKrogMination

    That's right, today is my milestone for being here for the whole year on this very wiki!

    • starts to rain confettis and cupcakes everywhere*
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  • DeKrogMination


    March 21, 2016 by DeKrogMination

    Aye guys, Krog here.

    Today, I bring you some... bad news.

    I will be inactive for the rest of the week. Why?

    Today, there was a... phone raid (I don't know if that's the right word. I just translated the word "razia" there.) on my school to prevent pornography. I was about to be the first one to be checked but I was too anxious and scared so I moved to be the last one to be checked.

    The good news is that I didn't got blamed for pornography, but rather... got too addicted on this site and DeviantART (they refer it as "games" strangely.) And worse, I accidentally broke a table out of frustration and anxiety before that. *sigh*

    So yeah, I'll only active on this night and I MIGHT (big emphasis on might) leave if things get worse. I hope not.

    Now I gue…

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  • DeKrogMination

    Title's self explanatory.

    Imp-portant note: I'm NOT insulting/calling out everyone, mmkay? I'm just saying my opinions here.

    There's nothing much going on for the mainspace articles except from some minor rewording or adding categories.

    And so far, there's little to no vandalizations on articles... yet. I've seen some people who either badge-farming, vandalize articles, or heck, creating a spam page.

    So yeah, there's nothing much going on mainspace 'till the release of Every Knight has Its Day

    Ah, chat. The best place to talk with people.

    I have mixed opinions about chat; either a fun place to talk, or a spam chat. Yeah, despite the latter occurs less often than the former, it's pretty annoying to see spam everywhere in the chat, either doing it f…

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