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  • Dadaw

    Exo Suits I made from Mixels

    December 30, 2015 by Dadaw

    Okay I was geting idea from some Exo Suits that peoples made from Mixels, so I was starting to make some too.


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  • Dadaw

    A bugiboo

    December 22, 2015 by Dadaw

    So seem no more Bogoic creature, so lets get on idea to the next one, this mine, Bugiboo

    Bugiboo is just a weird Mixel creature that always searching for his master or his creator when get lost, some Bugiboos has been kidnapped so they searched for a master, they like to play and make peoples laugh. 

    • They taste like a chocolate
    • They don't know what math is 
    • They are not for sale
    • They made out of random

    give this template to users:


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  • Dadaw


    December 18, 2015 by Dadaw LOOK

    Go with the members of MCPD strain on patrol and sorrow in the streets of mixopolis law and order! Collect all drel members of the tribe and build the huge lawman MCPD MAX!

    With the long arm of the law this Mixels you can make a record number of arrests! In Mixopolis it goes hard to the point and Kuffs is exactly the right person to serve this city, and to protect them. This dedicated cop is the Spitzencop the MCPD tribe. But be warned: sometimes Kuffs is a little overzealous - and then he takes entirely groundless fixed one and all!

    This very friendly member of MCPD strain is just too cute and can all too easily persuaded by the prisoners to be released. Bustos holding prison cell stiā€¦

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  • Dadaw

    TLM in Mixel version

    December 14, 2015 by Dadaw

    I did it last year but it was not good, then me and TFFK was starting to do it.

    • Kramm as Frank
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  • Dadaw

    Okay maybe all of you need some Mixel decorations, so here are every decoration that I made for LDD that you can use by making Mixels with LINKS

    1. Get LDD
    2. Look at the images
    3. When you see a decoarion that you want click on it
    4. It open a new page, click download.
    5. Open it on LDD
    6. Click on the piecie and then Click on "Ctrl+Alt+G"(windows) or got to the templates section and click "add to templates" and you got it on your LDD templates.

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