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  • Dadaw

    Time Lord Mixels

    March 31, 2016 by Dadaw

    Yes this is confirmed, Mixels are also time lords, explain the fact that there are mixels that look exectly the same? the fact that they happen to be on the same time line? they are using time mechines

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  • Dadaw

    More Info

    March 10, 2016 by Dadaw

    So lets get back to my fave thing, more info, so I did my magic and I got more of the upcoming "build the ???"

    sad that we dont know all of this things names, and I cant get them. BTW this thing called "Building Motivations" by LEGO.

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  • Dadaw

    I am about to say something that probably going to sound crazy but what if EKHID is just the episode before (like: before the Mixies band and before Camillot the King)

    Well, at this episode the Mixies band was not really confirmed as a band and Camillot didn't have an axe, later Camillot got his axe and became a king and Jamzy made the Mixies band.

    there was lack time of Tapsy and Trumpsy, the principal said something about the next month, maybe this hint for a new episode that will come not really far from this date but I am not really sure about that, so overall, if there is S8 episode I think it will be some years after EKHID.

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  • Dadaw


    March 5, 2016 by Dadaw


    I am going to TRU TODAY! I hope I could get Tapsy and Gali from BIONICLE

    UPDATE: Got Tapsy, Busto (my first ever Mixels) and Gali YAY

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  • Dadaw


    February 26, 2016 by Dadaw

    Wellcome to Mata-Mix, the place there the Mixtorans live. There are 6 villages which wating for a Mixtoa to save them from the evil darkness of Kingnixkuta and his Nixhi.

    The village there the Ta-Mixtorans live, they are based on the element of fire. Leaded by Turaga Flain. It's located in the most volcanic place in Mata-Mix

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