Dadaw Dadaw 8 May 2016

Max vs. Max

Okay, but we dont know which Max is the strongest, but which Max do you think, I am going to put some battles between the Maxes, and you will choose which is stronger or better by your opinion.

NOTE1: At round one there was a tie so there will be a poll about Wiztastics Max vs. Glorp Corp Max 2014 vs. Glorp Corp Max 2015 there will be 2 winners that will keep going and each winner will be placed in the next round on the half there he was before NOTE2: Round 2 votes ending at June 18th 2016


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Dadaw Dadaw 6 May 2016

Some Random Arts

Long time ago, I was bored.

Mixadel The Murpinator came to start a war. 

Bill is now a Pizza, so call him Bizza.

A Mixel sang the new song of the Mixies, "I belive I can Fly" (which is the same song as we know) and jumped from the window, he died and he came back to life as a vampire, and he is coming after Jamzy and he is going to bite every Mixel with a neck to survive.== A bad Mixel met King Nixel, so they Mixed, now they have more power so they could destroy the other Mixels 

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Dadaw Dadaw 4 May 2016

LEGO Club Magazines May-June Found

I found them, it has some S8 Images

  • Red Brick Magazine
  • Green Brick Magazine
  • Yellow Brick Magazine
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Dadaw Dadaw 10 April 2016

S8 Images

Again, I got official images of S8, no packages yet. I will update that blog later if I could find more.

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Dadaw Dadaw 8 April 2016

Going to be off

Hello everyone, I will be off from April 11th-19th

till then bye everyone

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