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    January 16, 2015 by Dadaw

    Well, today (1/16/15), our old friend Creeper told me about the trailer for Series 4.

    It opens with the words: "Mixels returns with a new season".

    "Yhohooo!" -Niksput and Zorch

    "Meet the clumsy Orbitrons." -On the Orbitrons (yes this is Orbitrons) (lol)

    "YOUNG!" *hit himself* -Nurp-Naut

    "Meet the shiny Glowkies." -On the Glowkies

    "Meet the fiery Infernites." -On the Infernites

    "AHAHAHAHAH" *breathes fire* -Burnard

    I asked Creeper to record it, and Flain will chase Flamzer (lol), but now Creeper not gonna doing it thanks to Jonathan.menges.

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  • Dadaw

    A lot of users here that are using LDD not get the Minifigure eye of Slumbo, Balk etc, so I create something for everyone here. Click here to download the Minifigure eye with the sticker . 

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  • Dadaw

    Globert or Scorpi

    September 27, 2014 by Dadaw


    2. ?

    3. ?

    Who is your fave. Scorpi Globert

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  • Dadaw

    Orbitrons leader(vote)

    September 23, 2014 by Dadaw

    wich mixel you think going to be the orbitonz leader ?

    who is the leader? choose your oponion nurp naut rokit niksput

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  • Dadaw

    wich new members form wich tribe form series 2 going to be the 2nd wave on series 5

    wich tribe you think going to get new members on series 5 ? forstiocns fang gang flexers cragsters electdroids frosticons or fang gang frostiocns or flexers frostiocns or cragsters frosticons or electdroids fang gang or flexers fang gang or cragsters fang gang or electdroids flexers or cragsters flexers or electdroids i dont think 1 of series 2/1 tribes going to get new members on series 5

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