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    Code to my Mixels OCs

    February 7, 2015 by Dadaw

    Hello, Derekis give me an idea, make an puzzle/riddle to my OC Mixels so here is it: 

    • Find what the code "Looks like the sky" mean-Finded by TSFK, under the water, my SCUBA tribe.
    • Find what the code "some of the explorers come from the city"(hint this is help to find what is 2 of the parts in the puzzle mean) mean.
    • Find what mean the red lines there.(hint this is from my OCs)-Answer by TSFK, my Laisoders 2.0 are there
    • Find what make the yellow light there(hint the Lasioders information at Deviantart) -Answer by TSFK the Laisoders spaceship
    • Okay so now this will be hard, try to find what is hiden in the black (hint this is a place and this is in the way of the yellow light)(hint qestion 1) (qestion 2{word in the code})-Part work, MF find the pla…

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  • Dadaw

    Ask My OCs

    January 30, 2015 by Dadaw

    Here you can ask qestions to my OCs.

    See User:Dadaw/OCs or User blog:Dadaw/My Teamed OC Tribes

    • Laisoders
    • Naturbons

    • Backzer-He shoot laser from his back
    • Arzer-He shoot laser from his arms
    • Laimash-He shoot laser from his leg(dont be close to he when he jump)
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  • Dadaw

    My Theamed OC Tribes

    January 29, 2015 by Dadaw

    What we saw on Series 4-6 give me an idea for themed tribes.

    The Firefightxels are tribe thet put down the fire when 1 of the Infernites burn a place thet not of the Magma Wastelands when 1 of the other lands get burn they come. They are friends of the Infernites, but they keep Mixel-Land without any denger burn, they have caps.

    Axer-The smart 1, he have 2 axe, 1 hand replaced with axe, and 1 hand thet hold an axe, he help to them when the door close, he is also strong and he can break the walls if there are Mixels thet trap and the door is in fire. he have red cap.

    Xitguinser-He have Fire extinguisher, he help to put down the fire, and he is the leader, he is the must brave of the time, he have golden cap at symbol he as the leader.


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  • Dadaw

    Ask Dadaw

    January 28, 2015 by Dadaw

    Blog for my friends thet wants to know more about me, post the qestion on the comments, and I will answer.

    • Mixels
    • My fave colors
    • More information about my OCs
    • My fave LEGO Themes
    • Wich OCs I am made
    • Other LEGO themes
    • My fave foods

    • Personal information
    • Who is my best friend thet I ever have here
    • Week points
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  • Dadaw

    I make new type of eyes to Mixels. 

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