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  • Dadaw

    Who you think going to be the leader, vote to the polls and post the answers/opinion on the comments please.

    I think they are, Gox, Chilbo, Turg, Forx, Dribbal, and Vaka-Waka.

    • Gox-Look the smartest and the must steampunk of the tribe. and from the S5 Clinkers photos.
    • Turg-He have the longest toungue and the Max get this tongue too.
    • Forx-He look the oldest what make him foreman of construction site, and dont forget his chain, his chain can hold a lot things(when he conect it)
    • Dirbbal-Look nerd wich make him leader.
    • Vaka-Waka-He is the must fat member of the tribe, and he have 2 ways to eat, his botom face, and in his top face.
    • And not everyone who is the first set from his tribe in his series not make him leader(as seen in S2-4)
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  • Dadaw

    Well the S4-6 reminds TLM, so lets come with idea for parody.  

    You can add your OCs, and you can add female Mixels too, but remember there are rules, this is have to be even by personality.

    • Emmet - Kramm
    • Wildstyle - ?
    • Frank The Foreman - Forx
    • Dimulation guy - Dynamasters 1.0 members(OCs by and credit to HG)
    • Vitrivius - Windost(OC by me)
    • Gail - Golden Claw(OC by SonicAsura)
    • Other Construction Workers - OC Construction tribe(You can give some)
    • Prisident Bussines/Lord Bussines - Gurggle
    • Leged Micro Manneger - Jinky, Areel, and more Steampunk OCs(You can give some)
    • Wheel Micro Manneger - Weerive-Clive(My additonal for the Steampunk Tribe) and more Steampunk OCs(You can give some)
    • Flying Micro Manneger - Flying Steampunk Tribe OCs(You can give some)
    • Metal …

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  • Dadaw

    There are still some users thet they are using the characters infoboxes, but the rule said we are not ables, change from your Character Infobox on your user page to User Infobox, and this is not the end, some users use this to thier OCs(on blogs, Sandboxes etc...), so we needs to change the normal infobox(wich we get ready when we open a Wiki) to be looks like the characters infobox, just without the categories. Thanks.

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  • Dadaw

    I think more about the S5-6

    February 11, 2015 by Dadaw

    Well I think more about the S5-6 and I just find something.

    S5-Steampunk, and in S6-Construction. because every main tribe in series get the first set(by numbers) 

    • S1-Flain from the Infernites is the 1st set-Infernites are the main tribe
    • S2-Slumbo from the Frosticons is the 1st set-Frosticons are the main tribe
    • S3-Glomp from the Glorp-Corp is the 1st set(but the more main character is Torts)-Glorp-Corp are the main tribe
    • S4-Rokit from the Orbitons is the 1st set-Orbitons main tribe
    • S5-Gox from the steampunk tribe is the 1st set
    • S6-Kramm from the construction tribe is the 1st set

    And this is the reason.

    Well we saw this at S2-4, on S2 the only Mixel thet was first by set numbers of his tribe and he is the leader is Kraw, and not Jawg(or even the mis…

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  • Dadaw

    Well on CAM there are undiscovered LEGO Mixes and Murps, so if you find 1 tell it on the coments or post it please, I think this will help to the Wiki too.

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