i find many glitchs at 

what next all the mixels in 1 place
  • glorp corp on the magma warstland
  • the spikles in the froozen volcanos
  • glorp corp in the farm land
  • worng sides
  • glorp corp in the spiki dessert
  • flexers in the mine
  • cragsters in the spiki dessert
  • this is the end of the frosticons
  • this is the end of the farm land
  • electdroids in the magma warstland
  • flexers in the spiki dessers
  • the electdroids come to see the show
  • frosticons in the cragsters land
  • gobba walk and not move
  • vulk and flain do what gobba do
  • yay we save scorpi
  • spikles in the swampland
  • after the electdroids dance dance party
  • infernites in the spiki dessert
  • electdroids in the farm land
  • wizrastics in the farm land
  • the glorp corps in the mine
  • we here beacuse kraw
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