so as we saw, with the S8 Maxes and some of the Mixels who include Nixels, they can "use" them, so this is how I think the Nixels can be Used, tell us how you think the Nixels could be used in the comments.



I think can "eat" the Nixel (even if it will not get into his mouth well but it can still get in)


The Max can "eat" the nixel as the garbage get into it's mouth



I think that the Nixel can do some kind of "stealth actions", if you put the Nixel with his arms go up on the back of Cobrax's head, it will also can stand there easly and if you look at the front of cobrax, you will not be able to see the nixel unless you are making it's arms appear.


The Nixel can ride it. 
A Nixel Riding the Nindjas Max



There is a piece on Camsta's head that the Nixel can hold, and it will looks like Camsta is giving a ride to the Nixel


I can see lot of using, the Max can hold the Nixel along with the Microphone like the Nixel also get the Microphone but being carried by the Max, also the Nixel can hold the Microphone by himself, I can see a sammilliar piece on the arm of the Max that also appear in Kamzo's hand and Kuff's hand which the NIxels can be hold there, maybe the Max can carry the Nixel on his arm, but here is another using that I think may be possible too, the Max designed sammiliar to the Medix Max, and the Nixel can be inside the Medix Max mouth, so if you put the Nixel inside the Nezers Max and close the mouth of the Max it will be like the Nixel flying an helicopter.

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