Well, today (1/16/15), our old friend Creeper told me about the trailer for Series 4.

It opens with the words: "Mixels returns with a new season".


"Yhohooo!" -Niksput and Zorch

"Meet the clumsy Orbitrons." -On the Orbitrons (yes this is Orbitrons) (lol)

"YOUNG!" *hit himself* -Nurp-Naut

"Meet the shiny Glowkies." -On the Glowkies

"Meet the fiery Infernites." -On the Infernites

"AHAHAHAHAH" *breathes fire* -Burnard

More Information

I asked Creeper to record it, and Flain will chase Flamzer (lol), but now Creeper not gonna doing it thanks to Jonathan.menges.

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