Well I think more about the S5-6 and I just find something.

Who are the main tribe and why in my opnion.

S5-Steampunk, and in S6-Construction. because every main tribe in series get the first set(by numbers) 

  • S1-Flain from the Infernites is the 1st set-Infernites are the main tribe
  • S2-Slumbo from the Frosticons is the 1st set-Frosticons are the main tribe
  • S3-Glomp from the Glorp-Corp is the 1st set(but the more main character is Torts)-Glorp-Corp are the main tribe
  • S4-Rokit from the Orbitons is the 1st set-Orbitons main tribe
  • S5-Gox from the steampunk tribe is the 1st set
  • S6-Kramm from the construction tribe is the 1st set

And this is the reason.

Why the first Mixel(by set numbers) from the tribe is not have to be the leader

Well we saw this at S2-4, on S2 the only Mixel thet was first by set numbers of his tribe and he is the leader is Kraw, and not Jawg(or even the mistaken Gobba), and Slumbo, and on S3 the only Mixel thet was first by set numbers and he is the leader is Glomp, but not Scorpi(Footi is not leader as seen in the CAM logo) and Magnifo.

Another thing

So I just find something in the Glorp Corp from S3 bags, there is a dessert background, diffirent from the other tribes, and the Glorp-Corp S6 there is a dessert too, wich was an hint to Glorp-Corp go to dessert beafore, the dessert on the S6 Glorp-Corp bags there is a little spike wich the Spiky Dessert have, and on the construction tribe background is just looks like an construction station at the dessert thet on the Glorp-Corp S3 background or on at the Spky Dessert.

Tell me about your opinions on comments if you want

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