In the last days, too many users breaking the same rules, I know its hard to not to break every single rule, but there are some important rules on chat that are being broken, and we better stop that, breaking that rules and not listening to them can bring many other problems for the users themself, I am not going to mention which users are doing that but I will just mention the rules

Do not Spam

This is a really important rule on chat, it could annoy many users and even get them angry, plus it makes the chat go crazy and once that start, not everyone is able to actually stop.

Once someone tells you to Stop, then Stop

Actually by breaking that rule you can actually hurt the person who tells you to stop, there are some subjects that actually are emotionall and painfull for some users, so please, once someone says stop, change the subject, and if you were spamming then please stop spamming. 

Using your User Rights as a Weapon

Some of us, the staff members have the abillity to kick and also ban users, I dont know if we actually have that rule here, but as a staff we most be role model for the other users, we most try follow the rules the best as we can and help users when needed, and not use our rights as a weapon like "I am an Admin so dont tell me what to do" or kick random users, using the user rights as a weapon is a bad thing and shall not happen

That rules are being broken too much times on chat on the last days, so please, mostly follow this rules, this rules are some really important rules, so again, hope you were understanding that blog I dont want troubles to happen just because people break that rules in the last days and troubles allways happen because of that. thank you...

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