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  • Dadaw

    LDD Color Pack

    December 17, 2016 by Dadaw

    Do some of you are still using LDD? long ago I gave you decorations, but I believe some of you couldnt allways have that much of collors as in reallity but now! LDD Color Pack is on the way! More then 70 diffrent colors! Download link

    • You can use the colors only on LDD Extended unless you transfer the model after coloring it to the regular mode on LDD.
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  • Dadaw

    LEGO Finnaly fixed it, links here:

    • Gobbol
    • Sweepz
    • Compax
    • Cobrax
    • Spinza
    • Mysto
    • Screeno
    • Camsta
    • Myke
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  • Dadaw

    I got thier links

    • Red Brick
    • Green Brick
    • Yellow Brick
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  • Dadaw

    Series 9 is Online

    September 1, 2016 by Dadaw

    It's not a dream as it seem xd

    No series 9 instructions yet. update

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  • Dadaw

    I think I better say This

    August 23, 2016 by Dadaw

    In the last days, too many users breaking the same rules, I know its hard to not to break every single rule, but there are some important rules on chat that are being broken, and we better stop that, breaking that rules and not listening to them can bring many other problems for the users themself, I am not going to mention which users are doing that but I will just mention the rules

    This is a really important rule on chat, it could annoy many users and even get them angry, plus it makes the chat go crazy and once that start, not everyone is able to actually stop.

    Actually by breaking that rule you can actually hurt the person who tells you to stop, there are some subjects that actually are emotionall and painfull for some users, so please, …

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