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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is an artist and graphic designer
  • I am a girl
  • CoinsCP

    What if...

    September 7, 2019 by CoinsCP

    Okay well since I had no idea another person was already handling. ripping the Japanese episodes I may as well contribute somehow else

    Voice Cast
    Takuya Sato (里卓哉) Hiroki Eto (江藤博樹)
    Osamu Kaneko (金子修) Shusaku Shirakawa (白川周作)
    Kazuhiro Sunseki (寸石和弘) Kenshun Bando (坂東賢春)
    Japanese Version Production Staff
    Producer (プロデューサー) Yuriko Okada (岡田由里子)
    Translation (翻訳) Rika Ito (伊藤里香)
    Direction (演出) Atsuhiko Iwata (岩田敦彦)
    Coordination (調整) Satoshi Tonomura (外村誠志)
    Executive Producers (制作) Daisuke Iguchi (井口大介)
    Tatsuya Irei (伊礼達哉)
    Japanese Version Produced by
    Cartoon Network
    (カートゥーン ネットワーク)
    Broadmedia Studio

    Voice Cast
    Takuya Sato (里卓哉) Hiroki Eto (江藤博樹)
    Osamu Kaneko (金子修) Shusaku Shirakawa (白川周作)
    Kazuhiro Sunseki (寸石和弘) Ken…

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  • CoinsCP


    February 25, 2017 by CoinsCP

    This wiki is literally dead and just an image-hosting service with people rating each other's images and editing them

    Is it not hard to create a new wiki for this stuff instead of clogging up the Mixels Wiki with these silly games and making it impossible to find serious threads and blogs

    Sorry, quick vent, it's been a stressful night and I needed to say something about this

    it's probably not worth trying to ask this upon cishets anyways

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  • CoinsCP

    For complicated reasons I'd rather not go into detail on (mostly personal ones) I am announcing my soon resignation from my position on the wiki and its external social media outlets.

    Due to this, I am unsure the fate of the Fan Event - if you want, you can do it on your own, but I will not force anyone to or put pressure on you to - just know that holding a Rabbitcast is fairly simple if you want to go through with it.

    I will resign on January 4th - this is the day that all the episodes expire from Cartoon Network's website (even if they just renew the videos/put them back up immediately after that). On that day I will put up a final tweet on @MixelsWiki and will put up a closure video on the YouTube channel.

    You can find me at @princessdamo…

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  • CoinsCP

    Mixels Wiki Fan Event

    December 10, 2016 by CoinsCP

    The Mixels Wiki is proud to announce we will be holding a FAN EVENT LIVE STREAM on!

    The livestream will marathon fans through the entire series and showcase submitted fanart!

    The date and time of the stream will be determined based on when everyone is available, so please tell me in the comments and I will be sure to select a fitting date for the livestream!

    Are you excited?

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  • CoinsCP


    October 31, 2016 by CoinsCP
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