Every tribe is capable of mixing with each other, I made a list for it in another blog

Series 4


Rokit animation: Fires his lasers into the air like Moon Madness

Niksput animation: Flies around the screen

Nurp-Naut animation: Head spins around a lot

Max cubit: Click on moon craters; a random one has the cubit


Meltus animation: Sneezes fire

Flamzer animation:

Burnard animation:

Max cubit: Melt ice cubes; a random one has the cubit

Glowkies: Globert animation:

Vampos animation:

Boogly animation:

Max cubit: Similar method to Electroids and Wiztastics


Orbitons-Infernites (possible mixes): Rokit/Meltus, Rokit/Burnard, Niksput/Flamzer, Niksput/Burnard, Nurp-Naut/Meltus, Nurp-Naut/Burnard

Orbitons-Glowkies (possible mixes): Rokit/Globert, Rokit/Boogly, Niksput/Vampos, Niksput/Boogly, Nurp-Naut/Globert, Nurp-Naut/Vampos

Infernites-Glowkies (possible mixes): Meltus/Globert, Meltus/Boogly, Flamzer/Vampos, Flamzer/Boogly, Burnard/Globert, Burnard/Boogly

Series 5


Gox animation:

Jinky animation:

Kamzo animation: Spins his claw hand around

Max cubit: Nixels block up machinery; remove them and the cubit appears


Krog animation:

Chilbo animation:

Snoof animation: Skis offscreen and back

Max cubit: Similar method to Frosticons 2014


Spugg animation: Spins head around while wagging tail

Turg animation: Licks the screen leaving saliva trails behind

Tungster animation: Flies up into the air

Max cubit: Foliage covers screen; move it away to reveal cubit

Mixes: Klinkers-Frosticons (possible mixes): Gox/Krog, Gox/Snoof, Jinky/Krog, Jinky/Chilbo, Kamzo/Krog, Kamzo/Snoof

Klinkers-Lixers (possible mixes): Gox/Spugg, Gox/Turg, Jinky/Spugg, Jinky/Tungster, Kamzo/Turg, Kamzo/Tungster

Frosticons-Lixers (possible Mixes): Krog/Spugg, Krog/Turg, Chilbo/Turg, Chilbo/Tungster, Snoof/Spugg, Snoof/Tungster

Series 6


Kramm animation: Spins his drill

Forx animation: Swings his chain around

Wuzzo animation: Revs his chainsaw nose

Max cubit: (add later)

Glorp Corp:

Dribbal animation:

Gurggle animation:

Slusho animation: Flies around, leaving a slime trail behind

Max cubit: (add later)


Snax animation:

Berp animation: Grabs food with his arms and throws it into the air and into his mouth

Vaka-Waka animation:

Max cubit: (add later)

Mixes: (add later)

Series 7


(add later)


Camillot animation:

Mixadel animation: Launches spitball with his catapult, leaving a splatter on the screen

Paladum animation:

Max cubit: (add later)


(add later)

Mixes: (add later)

Series 8

(add later)

Series 9

(add later)

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