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GN and Chilly Theme by Rockballing for Oxyjuice

There's infinite days of the Mixels Wiki,
and nothing will keep us apart,
So we've decided to spend all our time wisely,
To each and everyone's hearts,
Building a shipspace,
Or fighting a Nixel,
Or climbing up Mixel Mountain,
Discovering something that doesn't exist,
(GN: Hey!)
Or giving the Fang Gang a shower!
Surfing wiki pages,
Creating new articles,
Or locating Rokit's brain,
(GN: It's over here!)
Finding a hootdoodle,
Drawing an OC,
Or driving a chatmod insane!
(Floras: GREEN NINJA!)
As you can see,
There's a whole lot of stuff to do before Mixels ends someday,
(GN: Come on, MixHel!)
So stick with us 'Cause GN and Chilly are gonna have a partayyyy!
So stick with us 'Cause GN and Chilly are gonna have a partay!
(Floras: Melon! GN and Chilly are creating a title sequence!)

So me and GN replaced the P&F characters with wikians here; here's the list.

  • Phineas: Green Ninja
  • Ferb: Me
  • Candace: MixelsFloras
  • Buford: Boogly22238
  • Baljeet: Tungster830
  • Isabella: ZootyCutie
  • Irving: Derekis
  • Django: The Golden Cubit
  • Jeremy: Wonderman532
  • Stacy: CoinsCP
  • Linda: WatermelonSunshine
  • Lawrence: MixelJacobo101
  • Perry: D MixHel S
  • Pinky: Graham02
  • Peter: TheFrozenFrosticonKings
  • Sergei: Bombegranite123
  • Monogram: Hyperealistic Gaben
  • Doofenshmirtz: Dadaw
  • Norm: Galadhanu
  • Carl: Sonicfangames1235wikia
  • Vanessa: Darkspine16647
  • Charlene: MINICUPCAKE
  • Roger: PredasparkDrazor
  • Rodney: MixedSerpent
  • Monty: MattDet
  • Ducky Momo: MixelSark
  • Meap: PielordMatt
  • Mitch: The Defective Turret
  • Klimpaloon: CMRdaawesomeguy
  • Giant Floating Baby Head: MasterofMixels
  • Marty the Rabbit Boy: SourCreamMan88
  • Jerry the Platypus: Nderman080
  • Shimmy Jimmy: ToaMatau2004
  • Floyd: Elvampos32
  • Wendell: Penguin Scorn
  • Napoleon: The Murp King