(Blog post created or updated.)
(Blog post created or updated.)
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*'''Vanessa:''' Darkspine16647
*'''Vanessa:''' Darkspine16647
*'''Ducky Momo:''' MasterofMixels
*'''Ducky Momo:''' MixelSark
*'''Giant Floating Baby Head''': MasterofMixels
[[Category:Blog posts]]
[[Category:Blog posts]]

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So me and GN replaced the P&F characters with the wikians of this wiki.. here's the list.

  • Phineas: Green Ninja
  • Ferb: Me
  • Candace: ToaMatau2004
  • Buford: Boogly22238
  • Baljeet: Tungster830
  • Isabella: ZootyCutie
  • Irving: Derekis
  • Django: The Golden Cubit
  • Jeremy: Wonderman532
  • Linda: WatermelonSunshine
  • Lawrence: MixelJacobo101
  • Perry: Graham02
  • Monogram: Hyperealistic Gaben
  • Doof: Dadaw
  • Norm: Galadhanu
  • Carl: Sonicfangames1235wikia
  • Vanessa: Darkspine16647
  • Ducky Momo: MixelSark
  • Giant Floating Baby Head: MasterofMixels
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