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  • ChillyFreeze

    Based off this:!

    Take a drink when someone mixes or murps, two if someone maxes.

    Take a drink every time an Electroid zaps while talking.

    Take a drink every time a Nixel says something other than "Nix".

    Take a drink every time someone says "COOKIRONI!" in Cookironi.

    Take a drink every time Shuff recieves Zorch's note in Mailman.

    Take a drink every time Gobba changes his mind in Bar B Cubes.

    Take a drink for every high five Chomly recieves in High Five (take a pause if you need to!).

    Take a drink every time Zaptor says "HAMLOGNA!" in Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness.

    Take a drink every time the screen reads "THE END" (optionally, take an extra sip for NEH EDT).

    Take a drink for every …

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  • ChillyFreeze

    Cross-Series Mixes

    August 15, 2018 by ChillyFreeze


    this is for the mixels site update blog I made

    Infernites-Fang Gang (possible mixes): Flain/Chomly, Flain/Gobba, Vulk/Gobba, Vulk/Jawg, Zorch/Chomly, Zorch/Jawg

    Infernites-Flexers (possible mixes): Flain/Kraw, Flain/Tentro, Vulk/Kraw, Vulk/Balk, Zorch/Tentro, Zorch/Balk

    Infernites-Glorp Corp (possible mixes): Flain/Glomp, Flain/Glurt, Vulk/Glomp, Vulk/Torts, Zorch/Glurt, Zorch/Torts

    Infernites-Spikels (possible mixes): Flain/Footi, Flain/Hoogi, Vulk/Scorpi, Vulk/Hoogi, Zorch/Footi, Zorch/Scorpi

    Infernites-Wiztastics (possible mixes): Flain/Mesmo, Flain/Magnifo, Vulk/Magnifo, Vulk/Wizwuz, Zorch/Mesmo, Zorch/Wizwuz

    Infernites 2014-Orbitons (possible mixes): Flain/Rokit, Flain/Niksput, Vulk/Niksput, Vulk/Nurp-Naut, Zorch/Rokit, Zorch/Nurp-N…

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  • ChillyFreeze

    Every tribe is capable of mixing with each other, I made a list for it in another blog


    Rokit animation: Fires his lasers into the air like Moon Madness

    Niksput animation: Flies around the screen

    Nurp-Naut animation: Head spins around a lot

    Max cubit: Click on moon craters; a random one has the cubit


    Meltus animation: Sneezes fire

    Flamzer animation:

    Burnard animation:

    Max cubit: Melt ice cubes; a random one has the cubit


    Globert animation:

    Vampos animation:

    Boogly animation:

    Max cubit: Similar method to Electroids and Wiztastics


    Orbitons-Infernites (possible mixes): Rokit/Meltus, Rokit/Burnard, Niksput/Flamzer, Niksput/Burnard, Nurp-Naut/Meltus, Nurp-Naut/Burnard

    Orbitons-Glowkies (possible mixes): Rokit/Globert, Rokit/…

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  • ChillyFreeze

    The 1000000000-page book called Chilbo Explains Quantum Physics, written by none other than Chilbo is out now, for only a measly 100000000000 Mucks!

    • Buy now, and we'll give you a Krog plushie that is capable of eating you alive in your sleep!
    • Finish the book without falling asleep, and we'll send you the sequel to Chilbo Explains Quantum Physics, Chilbo Names Every Word in a Dictionary!

    BUY NOW!

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  • ChillyFreeze


    July 5, 2015 by ChillyFreeze

    So I'm planning a little show called.. you'll know the title if you look at the name of this blog post.

    And here are some things to note from it..

    • The cousins have leaders (Burnard, Chilbo, Dribbal)
    • OC Mixels appear in it, but mainly the ones made by the wikians here.
    • There's a episode pattern: episode made out of short segments, episode made out of two eleven minute segments, episode made out of short segments.
    • Season finales are specials.

    I'll add more soon..

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