OK. So, I made a Mixels crossover, and it must be the FNAF One.

FNAF 1 -

Flain as Freddy (Except he is nicer than freddy.)

Kraw as Bonnie (Except he wanders around.)

Scorpi as Chica (Except he doesn't hold anything.)

Catmonster (Me) as Foxy (Except she is a bit nicer than Foxy.)

Golden Flain as Golden Freddy (Except he stands straight.)

FNAF 2 -

Vulk as Toy Freddy (Well?)

Tentro as Toy Bonnie

Footi as Toy Chica

Kraw as Mangle (Except he isn't damaged)

Zorch as Old Freddy (Except he isn't damaged)

Balk as Old Bonnie (Except he isn't damaged)

Hoogi as Old Chica (Except he isn't damaged)

Flamzer as Old Foxy (Except he isn't damaged)

Torts as Balloon Boy

Krader as the Puppet (Except he has a normal face)

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