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  • Catmonster928

    OK. So, I made a Mixels crossover, and it must be the FNAF One.

    FNAF 1 -

    Flain as Freddy (Except he is nicer than freddy.)

    Kraw as Bonnie (Except he wanders around.)

    Scorpi as Chica (Except he doesn't hold anything.)

    Catmonster (Me) as Foxy (Except she is a bit nicer than Foxy.)

    Golden Flain as Golden Freddy (Except he stands straight.)

    FNAF 2 -

    Vulk as Toy Freddy (Well?)

    Tentro as Toy Bonnie

    Footi as Toy Chica

    Kraw as Mangle (Except he isn't damaged)

    Zorch as Old Freddy (Except he isn't damaged)

    Balk as Old Bonnie (Except he isn't damaged)

    Hoogi as Old Chica (Except he isn't damaged)

    Flamzer as Old Foxy (Except he isn't damaged)

    Torts as Balloon Boy

    Krader as the Puppet (Except he has a normal face)

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  • Catmonster928

    Leave me in the comments on any Suggestions on Flain.exe.

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  • Catmonster928

    [Pan up the building, where the Nindjas are on the ledge.] Spinza: Hey, what’s with those guys?

    Cobrax: Hmm. They call themselves Teddy Butterflies.

    Mysto: Teddy Butterflies? That name sounds familiar. [Mysto forms an aura ball, which spreads out into the air. Various pictures of Nixels are shown, as he slides through them.]

    Mysto: Ah, here it is. Teddy Butterflies. It seems we have met before. (He stops at a picture of the Nindjas Max against King Nixel) King Teddy Butterfly. Now what brings you to Mixopolis? [Fade to a large black skyscraper in Mixopolis.]

    Major Nixel: (Offscreen, laughing.) Good news, Your Heinousness! [Cut to inside the building, where Major Nixel is entering via an elevator door, walking towards King Nixel.]

    Major Nixe…

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  • Catmonster928

    [Start with exterior shot of Mixopolis. Helicoptor-like Mixels fly around, as the train rides through.]

    Booger: (Narrating.) There it is... Mixopolis, my town. (John Cena says "Are you sure about that?") A city in spectacular living color. A city of mixing, for mixing. [Cut to the train moving.]

    Booger: (Narrating.) Here, Mixels would mix at the drop of a Cubit. [Cut to Gummo and Hurtz meeting each other at the corner of a street. Gummo is wearing a pair of pants, Hurtz a necktie.]

    Gummo: Hey, neighbor! I like your tie!

    Hurtz: I like your pants!

    Both: (As Gummo pulls out a Cubit.) Let’s mix! [The two touch the Cubit, forming the Gummo & Hurtz Mix.]

    Gummo & Hurtz Mix: Yeah! (Walks off.)

    [Cut to a highway stretch over a lake, with cars driving …

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  • Catmonster928

    Flain as Grillby

    Vulk as Alphys

    Zorch as Undyne

    Krader as The Mixel who peeks out the bush

    Seismo as the Easter Egg Mixel

    Shuff as Asgore

    Teslo as the other Easter Egg Mixel

    Zaptor as Burgerpants

    Volectro as Flowey

    Flurr as the flying thing in the sky

    Slumbo as The Mixel riding the flying thing in the sky

    Lunk as the Mixel hiding in the water

    Jawg as lesser dog

    Gobba as the Mixel hiding in the log

    Chomly as Greater dog

    Kraw as Papyrus

    Tentro as the other Mixel hiding in the water

    Balk as sans

    Glurt as Gaster Blaster

    Scorpi as Temmie

    Magnifo as Jevil

    Mesmo as Napstablook

    Nurp-naut as Gaster

    Rokit as River guy

    Meltus as Toriel

    Flamzer as The Mixel hiding in the flowers

    Burnard as Chara

    Globert as Mettaton/Mettaton EX

    Snoof as Frisk

    Spugg as Annoying dog

    Hoogi as Asriel


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