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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    Yep, I'm curating the collab to reanimate Cookironi! Inspired by other reanimated collabs such as the Band Geeks Reanimated Collab! Currently the collab's only started (and we have not a whole-lot of members so far), so if you want to help us reanimate Cookironi (or see how things are going), feel free to join!


    Don't have Discord? Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter (@lone_orbiton) or leave a message on this wiki and I'll keep you updated with any guidelines + available scenes!

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    In my last blog I said Calling All Mixels and Mixels Rush were lost. And while yes, they've been pulled from app stores, they've been archived and it's now possible to play them on emulators (and in some cases on current Android devices).

    • Calling All Mixels (3.0.0) - Works with emulators, does not work on current Android devices.
    • Mixels Rush (1.1) - Works with emulators, may work on some Android devices.

    • Calling All Mixels (2.0.0) - Works with emulators, does not work on current Android devices. Installs with 3.0.0 icon despite not containing 3.0.0 content.
    • Calling All Mixels (1.1.0) - Works with emulators, does not work on current Android devices. Installs with 3.0.0 icon despite not containing 3.0.0 content.
    • Mixels Rush (1.0) - Works with emu…

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy
    Cartoon Network is removing traces of Mixels' existence from the Internet.

    Today, the Cartoon Network YouTube channel removed anything that had relation to Mixels in a matter of seconds. Unarchived clips were lost without warning, as well as thousands of people's thoughts on the show.

    CN is trying to bury Mixels and although we can't stop them from erasing their content, we can archive it.

    Many websites and references linked to those clips, including our own. The good news is that LEGO have their own mirrors of most of the episodes, and this Google Drive folder contains an archive of all the episodes. AND the Mixels Archives channel (by yours truly), has backups of those episodes. The issue is... Copyright. So CN will curbstomp their own show but …

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    Good evening to all! Let's not beat around the bush.


    ...But wait, what's Project International?

    At one point in time, the Spanish Wiki Mixels was active. There was also the French Wiki Mixels as well as the Polish LEGO Mixels Wiki. The problem was that these wikis were nowhere near as accurate or as up-to-date as this wiki, with all three wikis now being abandoned.

    So what about Mixels fans or people learning about Mixels that don't speak English? Well, we've essentially left them in the dust. Mixels might be over, but people are still discovering it.

    I've already begun progress on translating this wiki into Spanish on Wiki Mixels. Please consider helping me out with translating content.

    • Sign up to FANDOM, if you a…

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    Due to recent vandalism from sockpuppet accounts that has involved renaming pages, all mainspace articles are now locked. Even still... No pages really need to renamed anymore, do they? And even if they did, an admin can always be contacted.

    This wasn't done without word. A vote was held on the Discord, and the majority vote was yes.

    Hopefully this reduces vandalism (which isn't normally high nowadays anyway), and if it works, page renaming may be unlocked in the future.

    Additional note: Articles will still be editable just the way they always have been, it's only renaming that's being locked.

    Edit: i broke wiki activity multiple times sorry lol, but all pages should be rename-locked now

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