• Boogly22238

    Cheese Mixels

    June 2, 2015 by Boogly22238

    It has come to my attention that the brilliant idea of a food Mixel (not the secretly obese purple guys who suffer from secret obesity) is one of the most amazing ideas in the history of this Wiki.

    Cheese Mixels.

     While the Lixers are practically cheesy already, (yum!) they are not cheese Mixels. their tongues ruin that vibe. And sadly I cannot eat LEGOs, regardless of whether they taste like cheese or not. So, we must rise up and create cheese Mixels. Make them happen. We can eat them! Come on! Extra cheesy! Since a lot of people enjoy cheese, in all of its luxurious and dairy-rich forms, we can band together and create a miracle. (nah, it won't solve world peace but it's something!) 

    And so, our cheese can come in one of the best forms: a M…

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  • Boogly22238


    May 30, 2015 by Boogly22238


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  • Boogly22238

    Lucky Mixel

    May 11, 2015 by Boogly22238

    Hello slaves, I have a question.

    WHO'S YOUR LUCKY MIXEL? EVERYBODY can have a favorite Mixel, and a lucky one!

    Which is yours?

    Pick and put it in the moccents below!

    Is it someone in Series 5? Let me know!

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  • Boogly22238

    A long time ago, the Destroyer was built by LEGO. He was set as a Mixel, and they knew he would sell immensely. His name... Vaka-Waka. However, some knew he was a merciless warlord. One face was named  Vaka.. the other, Waka. Together, they became one single, unstoppable entity.

    The Destroyer was launched at the London Toy Fair.. I witnessed his divine awesomeness.. and knew he'd be trouble. He is the leader of his two henchmen, Snax and Berp, the Dark Ones. Together they are an  unstoppable purple force who will destroy other Mixel's toy sales! We must stop Vaka-Waka by immediately purchasing him and his minions!

    It is the only way, my friends. For you cannot trust this..

    Until next time.

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  • Boogly22238

    Bzzt. Brrrrt. Hello! I am Boogly22238. I went to the London Toy Fair of 2015 to see the LEGO bs, and it was awesome! However it is only today that I make such a blog post. So, I'm going to post about a few themes that caught my interest..

    First up, we will have BIONICLE.. So here we go!

    70791 Skull Warrior

    When I first thought of the Skull Warrior, I thought he would be a knight or something.. but as it turned out, I only discovered what seemed to be a terrifying archer. The Skull Warrior seems highly skeletal, so he kinda lives up to the first part of his name. I liked his upper back pieces, and his bow seemed cool. It reminds me of the Ice Hunter vehicles in Legends of Chima, so that's good I suppose. Anyway, his head and face look awesome; d…

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