aka Frogt

  • I live in The Yeezy Realm
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Playing with God
  • I am a God
  • Aps17
    • Who WAS the first Mixel?
    • Why was there a human skull in one of the Mixels shorts? Is there evidence that there was quite possibly human life at one point?
    • How many mix-s and murps are possible?
    • How are cubits created?
    • Where did Nixels come from?
    • Are Nixels really just Mixels that were much weaker and such?
    • When Mixoplois (I don't think I spelled that right but eh) was constructed, did it created all the Mixels that are seen in the city

    and finally.

    When and where does "Mr. Lus" appear, if he even exists (because I don't know if he exists or not I'm stupid for not knowing lel)

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  • Aps17

    Idk what this means

    (P.S. Please do NOT swap out these images for with other images)

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  • Aps17

    (please do not read if you don't want your time to be wasted)


    So there's this Japanese game called "Chu-Teng"...

    And there's this song that kinda gives off some weird Mixels vibe or whatever (This is the song)

    I'm not sure what you think about...

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  • Aps17

    Happy 2018

    January 2, 2018 by Aps17



    I don't know what else to say...


    I'm just gonna leave this image here...


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