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  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Joined Wiki June 16, 2014
Age 25
Tribe Spikels
Wiki Position Bureaucrat
Gender Female
Likes Drawing
Making friends
Video games
Trash Pack
Happy Tree Friends
Dislikes Mean people
Being made fun of
Quote "Wut."

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I'm ZootyCutie!

Hello, I'm glad to be here! You might know me from deviantART, Tumblr,, Moshi Monsters, Steam,, or Twitter (where I go as ZootyCutie). Or, you might know me from Neopets (mabby_o_matic), Youtube (ZootyCutie94), or Club Penguin (Missmixel).

I have Asperger's Syndrome, please tread lightly with me on certain situations, I get upset easily.

Getting Into Mixels

I got into Mixels by first seeing the first short aired with "The Lego Movie". I really only got into it when I noticed art on deviantART. I ended up getting some figures and drawing work on my own. I hope to contribute in any way that I can!

My favorite Mixels are (in no particular order, and if I own them or not)
Mixels group pic

A chunk of my current Mixel collection!

I also own VulkSeismo, GlompWizwuzBalkLunkGlurtHoogiKraw, JawgFlurrSlumbo, ChomlyMeltus, BurnardBooglyGoxJinkyChilbo, KrogSnoofTungsterTurgForx, Snax, Dribbal, GurggleSlusho, Kuffs, BustoTiketz, Camillot, Paladum, Jamzy, Splasho, Aquad, Sharx, Skulzy, Surgeo, Sweepz, CompaxCamsta, and Myke.

Me and the fandom

Main article: User:ZootyCutie/My OCs!

I have a big interest in the Mixels fandom, and I have created my own Mixel tribes!

They include the Steamerpuffs, the Auraras, the Shoutouts (all three with images and bios here), the Nix Fixers (as found here), the Boombers (as found here), the Dustooners (as found here ), the Medicans (as found here ), the Mynders (as found here ), the Hashers (as found here ), the Amorluvs (as found here ), the Ribbows (as found here ), the Mildudes (as found here ), the Necromixers (as found here), the Slytraps (as found here ), the Waxers (as found here), the Banditos (as found here), the Marbelles (as found here), the Spongees (as found here), the Cluethers (as found here), the Trimmurz (as found here), the Cheatsies (as found here), the Snappers (as found here), the Seedees (as found here), the Toku Task Force (as found here), the Chug-a-longs (as found here), the Dualtees (as found here), the Fortudies (as found here), the Kabees (as found here), the Fishorres (as found here), the Suiters (as found here), the Presesses (as found here), the Parasytes (as found here), the Lyfers (as found here), the Wezturns (as found here), the Breadies (as found here), the Krashies (as found here), the Ammburzz (as found here), the Beedles (as found here), the Krakkups (as found here), the Rubbadubzz (as found here), the Krypteds (as found here), the Carietees (as found here), the Alkems (as found here), the Nursies (as found here), and the Hazzmatzz (as found here). Also, check out my Charahub page, where I have a section made just for my Mixels and gives them even more fleshing out!

Standalone characters of mine include FossycZooti (my Mixsona)Frau NixelQueen Nixel, Crenkshift, Dr. Nixelputz, GendarmiaVeterinarian Caltrop, SamageSchool Nurse Aidia, Intercoz the Mixopolis Mall Mixels , Phoenix and Nixia, Queen Mixalot, Dragabond, Angeler and Octako, Bark, and my interpretation of Prince Nixel.

Mixel Music Videos!

I've recently learned how to make AMVs...and Mixels have been my topic! Here's a link to the playlist that has all of the ones I've made!

My Mixels artwork

I'd love to thank the people that have been uploading my Mixels work onto the Creative Corner! Here's a slideshow of the work that have been uploaded, with a second slideshow for gifts of my OCs. I've mainly done humanization work. But, don't forget to check out my Mixels folder on my deviantART page for even more work! (Quick note: art and AMV requests are currently closed)

  • Human Infernites
  • Human Cragsters
  • Human Electroids
  • Human Frosticons
  • Human Fang Gang
  • Human Flexers
  • Human Wiztastics
  • Human Spikels
  • Human Glorp Corp
  • Human Nixels
  • Humanized Scene: Pothole
  • Humanized Scene: Changing a Lightbulb
  • Humanized Scene: Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness
  • Humanized Scene: Murp Romp
  • Humanized Scene: Murp Romp (2nd scene humanized)
  • Humanized Scene: Epic Comedy Adventure
  • My Neighbor Seismo
  • Baby Series 1
  • Baby Series 2
  • Baby Series 3
  • Footi pencil drawing for my class.
  • Encaustic paint Coconapple for my class.
  • Tentro and Scorpi painting for my class.
  • Teslo painting for my class.
  • Humanized Scene: Wrong Colors
  • Humanized Scene: Nixels
  • Humanized Scene: Rockball
  • Human Glowkies
  • Human Orbitons
  • Human 2.0 Infernites
  • Drawing of my OC Passinova and GN's OC Marini.
  • A LEGO version of one of my fan-Mixels, Cawma. Big thanks to Supercoco142!
  • A LEGO version of one of my fan-Mixels, Tommerton. Thanks a bunch, Dadaw!
  • A LEGO version of one of my fan-Mixels, Chuggchoo. Thanks a bunch, Dadaw!
  • A LEGO version of one of my fan-Mixels, Cogger. Thanks a bunch, Dadaw!
  • A gift art of my Steamerpuffs. Thanks, Darkspine16647!
  • A LEGO version of my tribe, the Shoutouts. Thanks, Tungster830!
  • Check It 3.0-style Tommerton. Thanks, CoinsCP!
  • Waiern in LDD. Thanks, CoinsCP!
  • LDD Hashers. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Boombers. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Lichstiff and Grimise. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Waxers. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Medicans Max. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Pichfall. Thanks, Bombegranite123!
  • LDD Stundew and Vemix, Tooy, and Audy. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Gecbow, Freakbug, and Deerest. Thanks, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings!
  • LDD Emdi. Thanks, Hyperealistic Gaben!
  • LDD Cherri (in the middle). Thanks, The-Adventure-Krog!
  • A doodle of the Steamerpuffs. Thanks, CoinsCP!
  • OC Cubits of mine. Thanks, FlainStorm!
  • A drawing of Wikzy. Thanks, CoinsCP!
  • A LEGO version of Gendarmia. Thanks, Theslowking11!
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