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Mxls - Lavizki (My Mixsona)
Joined Wiki June 17th 2014
Age 17
Tribe Infernites
Wiki Position Member
Gender Male
Likes YouTube
Toys & Cartoon
Dislikes Unfriendly "Friend"
Too much noise
Quote "Gotta Go Fast!"

Hey hey every Mixels! I'm ZoomTorch20, formerly known as Davin.Rizuki, and I'm here to show my fanatic to everything that listed below.

Who am I?

I'm the huge fan of Mixels, Minecraft, Digimon, Pokemon, Formula 1 and MotoGP.

And I came from Indonesia.

Where's my new username came from?

My new username came from one of my favorite Mixels and his name came from combination that present in my username.

Favorites in Mixels

Favorite Tribes

  • Fiery Infernites/2014 (Series 1's The Most Favorited Tribe)
  • Icy Frosticons/2014 (Series 2's The Most Favorited Tribe)
  • Slimy Glorp Corp/2014 (Series 3's The Most Favorited Tribe)
  • Fiery Infernites/2015 (Series 4's The Most Favorited Tribe)
  • Icy Frosticons/2015 (Series 5's The Most Favorited Tribe)
  • Sweety Munchos (Series 6's The Most Favorited Tribe)

In Mixels, they are series. In each series, they're three tribes. And my favorite are... ALL OF THEM! Why? Because they're very colorful, and lovely too.. But here's my favorite tribes from each Series..

Series 1: Infernites/2014, Electroids, Cragsters

Series 2: Frosticons/2014, Flexers, Fang Gang

Series 3: Glorp Corp/2014, Wiztastics, Spikels

Series 4: Infernites/2015, Orbitons, Glowkies

Series 5: Frosticons/2015, Klinkers, Lixers

Series 6: Munchos, Glorp Corp/2015, Weldos

Series 7: MCPD, Medivals, Mixies

Series 8: MCFD, Pyrratz, Medix

Series 9: Newzers, Nindjas, Trashoz

Italic: Unsure and unreleased

Favorite Mixels

  • Zorch (Infernites/2014's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Krader (Cragsters' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Teslo (Electroids' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Flurr (Frosticons' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Gobba (Fang Gang's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Kraw (Flexers' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Glurt (Glorp Corp's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Footi (Spikels' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Magnifo (Wiztastics' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Nurp-Naut (Orbitrons' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Meltus (Infernites/2015's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Globert (Glowkies' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Jinky (Klinkers' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Snoof (Frosticons/2015's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Spugg (Lixers' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Wuzzo (Weldos' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Slusho (Glorp Corp/2015's The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Vaka-Waka (Munchos' The Most Favorited Mixel)
  • Tiketz (MCPD's The Most Favorited Mixel [So far])
  • Camillot (Medivals' The Most Favorited Mixel [So far])
  • Jamzy (Mixies' The Most Favorited Mixel [So far])
  • Aquad (MCFD's The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic
  • Sharx (Pyrratz's The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic
  • Surgeo (Medix's The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic
  • Sweepz (Trashoz's The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic
  • Cobrax (Nindjas' The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic
  • Camsta (Newzers' The Most Favorited Mixel [So far]) Vector by: Derek The Torchic

As Mixels hardcore fan, my favorite Mixels are.. ALL OF THEM! Why? Same reason as favorite tribes.. Nixels? Nah, don't ask! Look below!

Although all of them are my favorite, there are also the most favorite from each tribe.. Well, check out the list! The order is from the most favorite to the least favorite.. (Doesn't mean I hate them!)

Italic: Not released in sets and debuted in cartoon.

Favorite Episodes

  • 1. A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
  • 2. Mixel Moon Madness
  • 3. Epic Comedy Adventure
  • 4. Murp Romp
  • 5. Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness

These are top 5 of my favorite episodes:

  1. The Quest for the Lost Mixamajig: Because this is the biggest and maxest episode ever
  2. Mixel Moon Madness: Because of the Series 4 debut, and... King Nixel!?
  3. Epic Comedy Adventure: Because it's EPIC!
  4. Murp Romp: Because of the funny adventure to catch a Murp
  5. Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness: CUZ HAMLOGNA!

Favorite Maxes

These are top 5 of my favorite Maxes:

  1. Frosticons Max/2015
  2. Munchos Max
  3. Infernites Max/2015
  4. Orbitons Max
  5. Glowkies Max

Do I have these Mixels?


2014 Series

Flain: Owned

Vulk: Owned

Zorch: Owned

2015 Series

Burnard: Owned

Meltus: Owned

Flamzer: Owned


Krader: Owned

Seismo: Owned

Shuff: Owned


Teslo: Owned

Zaptor: Owned

Volectro: Owned


2014 Series

Flurr: Owned

Slumbo: Owned

Lunk: Owned

2015 Series

Krog: Owned

Chilbo: Owned

Snoof: Owned

Fang Gang

Jawg: Owned

Gobba: Owned

Chomly: Owned


Kraw: Owned

Tentro: Owned

Balk: Owned

Glorp Corp

2014 Series

Glomp: Owned

Glurt: Owned

Torts: Owned

2015 Series

Dribbal: Owned

Gurggle: Owned

Slusho: Owned


Scorpi: Owned

Footi: Owned

Hoogi: Owned


Magnifo: Owned

Mesmo: Owned

Wizwuz: Owned


Niksput: Owned

Rokit: Owned

Nurp-Naut: Owned


Globert: Owned

Vampos: Owned

Boogly: Owned


Gox: Owned

Jinky: Owned

Kamzo: Owned


Spugg: Owned

Turg: Owned

Tungster: Owned


Kramm: Owned

Forx: Owned

Wuzzo: Owned


Vaka-Waka: Owned

Snax: Owned

Berp: Owned


Kuffs: Not available

Busto: Not available

Tiketz: Not available


Camillot: Not available

Mixadel: Not available

Paladum: Not available


Jamzy: Not available

Tapsy: Not available

Trumpsy: Not available

Where can you meet me somewhere else?


Things that I like

  • Fun
  • Kids' stuffs
  • Being popular
  • Smile
  • Regular Show
  • Steven Universe
  • J. G. Quintel
  • Disney
  • YouTube
  • Drawing and Designing

Things that I hate

  • NIXELS! (They're cute, but HECK NO to their Nixing!)
  • Bullying
  • Anti-Social


  • I'm 17, and currently I'm in 12th grade of High school
  • In the real world, I'm quite awkward but talkative than my classmates!
  • I love to draw, formerly I drew using my hand and color pencils. But now I'm getting used to my tablet now. You can check at my creations at my deviantArt (Link above)

Random Stuffs that I put in my profile

41506 Teslo b
This user is a fan of the intelligent Teslo!
41502 Zorch b
This user is a fan of the speedy Zorch!
Scorpi Caring
This user is a fan of the overrated but cute Scorpi.
41500 Flain b
This user is a fan of the radical Flain!
41513 Gobba b
This user is a fan of the feeling-tasting, crafty Gobba!


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