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  • I live in Laomus, the Poisonix system, the Scorpion Nebula, the milky way galaxy, the universe.
  • My occupation is Info-guy on the golden anvil.
  • I am Male

swymmor, queen of the swampies

Hello, I am whovianuk. Welcome to the tomb of the doctor.

My spore account can be found here (Servers are back online!):

My website can be found here:

My favourite DW villain:

If you've ever wondered how you get triangles from a cow, you need a cow and a chainsaw and a geometry set!

Cabbagge-pult_being_watered.gif <------------awesome link! click now!

My favorite pages

  • [
    • Hatti
    • A steampunk mixel
    • Nitro Flain!
    • Eelf
    • Kamra
    • Foto
    • My New Nixel Paradigm!
    • The logo. That's all folks!

Things are...WHOVIAN!

Joined Wiki  ???
Age 13
Tribe Sporicons
Wiki Position User
Gender Male
Likes Food, Flying through space, Grabbing food
Dislikes Nixels, Groxels, Failed hyperdrives, Epic creatures
Quote "Take me to your larder!"
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