aka NoneLovesMe

  • I live in Mixopolies
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is DJ,Best friend
  • I am Male

Ma reward

I'm Jiper. Kacka, kacka! Kacka, kacka!

The Golden Cubit has given you a Jiper. A Jiper is a fun and very shy creature from a land in the clouds. They are easily frightened and they love to eat chocolate croissants. Many believe them to be mythical, but share these with others so we can prove otherwise!

I love Legos and Mixels,I also love Nintendo especially smash brs and mario so that’s what I like how about you

My favorite Mixels from series 1-9

You have been blocked
Debut Sep 14 2014
Last Appearance Never
Nicknames (aka) Chaz


Tribe Infernites
Position A contributer
Gender Preference Male
Color Red
Special Features sometimes wears a hat
Likes Spagetti
Dislikes People that aren’t people
Quote “Gasp”
Voice Actor Vulk
Game Abilities Still nothing....
41501 Vulk b
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