Name: Nu-Tral (pronounced Neu-tral) (Nu, two eyes. Tral, one eye.)

Gender: Male

Tribe: Atomics

Position Leaders

Likes: Nu: Cute things, Scorpi, Torts, Cookironis, Having fun. Tral: The Glowkies, Hugs, Hoogi, Being cheered up, Footi, Hamlogna sandwiches.

Dislikes: Nu: Nixels, Zorch, Sadness, Seeing his friends fight. Tral: Nixels, Zorch, Others being mean to him, Murping.

Description: Nu-Tral are Atomic Mixels. Nu is usually happy and is always ready to have fun. Even though he can get annoyed by Tral being sad most of the time he accepts it and will try to cheer him up when he cries. Tral is usually sad and has a tendency to mope when something gets him down although he has moments of happiness. He often cries when others are mean to him. They have complete control over neutrons and can create lasso's and whips made of neutrons that can't be broken as well as fire neutron beams. The lasso and whip disappear once they are done with them. They use these powers to fight Nixels.

Name: Posi

Gender: Male

Tribe: Atomics

Position: Member (secondary member)

Likes: Cute things, Sunlight, Coconapples, Scorpi, Torts

Dislikes: Nixels, Bad weather, Zorch, Others being mean to his friends

Description: Posi is an Atomic Mixel. He is upbeat and friendly and is fun to hang out with. He doesn't like it when others are mean to him or his friends and will not hesitate to stand up to them. He'll take any opportunity he can to help others and has a tendency to disregard his own safety when it comes to doing so. He and Elec tend to butt heads but are still on good terms.

Ability: He has complete control over protons and can use this to change the structure of atoms by either adding or subtracting a proton. He is also able to fire proton beams from his hands and create objects made of protons that disappear after he's finished using them. He uses these powers to fight Nixels.

Name: Elec

Gender: female

Tribe: Atomics

Position: member (tertiary member)

Likes: Shocking things, the Electroids, Zorch

Dislikes: Nixels, Cute things, Girly stuff, Scorpi's cuteness, Wearing dresses

Description: Elec is an Atomic Mixel. She may not be the nicest Mixel and can be hard to please but she's not that bad once you get to know her. She doesn't like cute or girly things but can stand being around them. She likes Zorch's wild personality and thinks his pranks are funny. She's friends with the Electroids. She has control over electrons and can use that power shock things or give them an electrical charge unless they are made of rubber. She can use these powers to fight Nixels.


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