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Hello! I'm VECTORKNICKERS. Mixels are my fav lego franchise, and i have almost all of them.

How i got into Mixels

I went into a store called Nygus once. I wanted my mom to buy me a lego set. I was looking around, and found a bag with a weird, blue creature. I asked my mom if she can buy me this set. She did. That blue creature? It was Chilbo. I had a real great time with him, and wanted more Mixels.

Biggest Contributions

My three biggest contributions by far, is digging up unused Mixels Rush content that wasn't documented before, ripping graphics and sounds from Mixels flash games and character files and finding the 3.0.0 .obb file of Calling All Mixels. I also did a lot of research on bootlegs.

What Mixels do i own?

That's a great question. The answer is: a lot. Not all.

From 2014, i only have two Mixels: Seismo and Volectro. Planning to get Glurt next.

From 2015, i have every single one except for Snoof, Krog, Jinky and Gox.

From 2016, i have every single Mixel, except for Jamzy.

Missing pieces

With all those years of mixing, i've bound to have lost some pieces. Here they are:


Starting off with Flamzer, one of his black long pieces is missing.

Then we have Meltus, where one of his small fire pieces is missing.

Last, we have Nurp-Naut, where BOTH of his dome's are missing.


Here's a sad story...

I can't build Berp anymore. His line piece is missing, which makes me unable to build him.

When i got Forx for christmas, he was supposed to have 3 grey hair like pieces. The bag contained NONE of them.

Favorite Mixels from each tribe

  • Vulk
  • Shuff
  • Volectro
  • Slumbo
  • Gobba
  • Tentro
  • Torts
  • Hoogi
  • Magnifo
  • Burnard
  • Niksput
  • Boogly
  • Chilbo
  • Jinky
  • Tungster
  • Slusho
  • Vaka-Waka
  • Kramm
  • Tiketz
  • Paladum
  • Trumpsy
  • Splasho
  • Sharx
  • Surgeo
  • Sweepz
  • Spinza
  • Screeno
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