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Flain Smirk "You ready?"

This Mixel is known as Flain! Proud leader of the red-hot Infernites, Flain is the smart one of the group. But when he thinks too hard, his head catches on fire. Careful!

Itsdabombtobeafroaticon!Image "It's the bomb!"

This Mixel is known as Flurr! He is the leader of the power-napping Frosticons. But unlike his brothers, he's always wide-awake. Despite this, Flurr's always missing the simplest things, like an icicle right infront of his face.

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Flain's correct static art!!

41511 Flurr b

Joined Wiki May 8, 2017
Age 19
Tribe InfernitesFrosticons
Wiki Position Mixels
Gender Female
Likes Flain
Ice Cream
Dislikes Nixels
Quote Cute
Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe
Flain & Flurr
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Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe

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