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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Wiztastics. The Wiztastics are a traveling troupe of magicians known for putting on the most spectacular shows in the land.

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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Spikels. The fun-loving Spikels think of themselves as cute and cuddly, often forgetting they're covered with dangerous spikes.


This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is the serious and smart leader of the Wiztastics. This one-eyed magician hates when his shows go wrong, and they usually end up going down that path. He is still sure to make you laugh, though!

Aww Scorpi.png '"Awww, Scorpi, you're just the cutest wittle Mixel!!"'

This Mixel is known as Scorpi! Scorpi is just an adorable little Spikel, and a leader for his tribe. As cute as he is, he also loves sleepovers, parties and pillow-fights!

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This user is a fan of the spectacular Magnifo!

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This user is a fan of the overrated but cute Scorpi.

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This user is a fan of the intellegent Teslo!

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This user is a fan of the radical Flain!

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This user is caring.
That means that this user is very friendly and is safe to talk to.

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I'm MorganJordan or you can call me MJ for short. I am just an average Mixels fan. Feel free to check out my profile.

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Debut MAY 26, 2014
Last Appearance ?
Nicknames (aka) ?
Tribe ?
Position ?
Gender Preference Male
Color White
Special Features ?
Likes Mixels
Mr. Bean
Theme Parks
Steven Universe
The Amazing World of Gumball
My Fellow Users
Thomas the Tank Engine
Count Duckula
Dislikes Nixels
Wikia Contributors
Anyone Upsetting Me
Quote "I'm ready!"
Voice Actor Myself
Game Abilities ?


My signature

Magnifooooooooooooooooo.jpgMJ Atkinson-says-goodbye-to-beloved-character-mr-bean1.jpg17:55, December 13, 2014 (UTC)

Some things about me

  • I am British.
  • I don't like it if anybody upsets me.
  • Besides Mixels, I'd say my other favourite TV programmes are Mr. Bean (I can never stop laughing whenever I watch him) and Thomas the Tank Engine (sure it's a children's programme but I just adore it so much).
  • Usually when editing on this wiki, I normally edit my userpage.
  • I was originally going to be on this wiki for a a month or two, then leave, but then after becoming addicted to Mixels, I decided to stay on this wiki.
  • My personality is kind of like Teslo, Scorpi and Slumbo's. I am intelligent and afraid of heights like Teslo, shy, talkative and easily scared (and sometimes cute looking) like Scorpi and like Slumbo, I really like sleeping.
  • I like every single Mixel around. There isn't any I hate or dislike.
  • I am always nice to my fellow users.

My Favourite Mixels

  • Flain
  • Shuff
  • Teslo
  • Zaptor
  • Flurr
  • Lunk
  • Gobba
  • Tentro
  • Torts
  • Scorpi
  • Footi
  • Magnifo
  • Wizwuz
  • Niksput
  • Nurp-Naut
  • Flamzer
  • Globert
  • Vampos

Tribes from favourite to least favourite

  • Wiztastics
  • Spikels
  • Electroids
  • Frosticons
  • Infernites (2014)
  • Glorp Corp
  • Orbitronz
  • Fang Gang
  • Glowkies
  • Infernites (2014)
  • Flexers
  • Cragsters

Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe 

Neutral Mixel from Each Tribe 

Least Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe 

Favourite Mixel from Each Series

  • Series 1 - Teslo
  • Series 2 - Flurr
  • Series 3 - Magnifo 
  • Series 4 - Nurp-Naut

Do I have that Mixel?

My Mixes and Murps 


  • December 9th 2014: I reached 1000 edits!
  • December 11th 2014: I decided to portray Scorpi (as he is my second favourite Mixel) and Globert (just for fun)!
  • December 13th 2014: I have my confirmed signature!

Things I'd Like If I Were A Mixel

  • Cookironies
  • Log Toss
  • Hamlogna Sandwiches
  • Bar B Cubes
  • Rock Pops
  • Magic Shows
  • Ice Cream
  • Mixelball
  • Ceramic Figures (particularly the Tigerscorp)
  • Scorpi

Here is My Zombie Apocalypse Team!

That was amazing! I loved it!

End of my user page.

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