The Golden Cubit

aka ReloaxaThePinkWater

  • I live in Birmingham, England
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Animator, musician
  • I am Male
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<div class="helvectia" style="background-color:Purple; border:2px ridge #747474; border-radius:6px; padding:6px;">
{{Retired Staff}}<tabview>
User:The Golden Cubit/Info|User Page
<font color=tan>
User:The Golden Cubit/Mixes and Murps|My Mixes and Murps
User:The Golden Cubit/Sandbox|Sandbox
User:The Golden Cubit/My OCs|My OCs
User:The_Golden_Cubit/My_Creatures|My Creatures
|quote='''"Abra, Ca-wacka... DOOOOOOOOOOODULLLLLLLLL!"'''
|message=This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is the serious and smart leader of the Wiztastics. This one-eyed magician hates when his shows go wrong, and they usually end up going down that path. He is still sure to make you laugh, though!
}} </font>
|quote='''"Awww, Scorpi, you're just the cutest wittle Mixel!!"'''
|message=This Mixel is known as Scorpi! Scorpi is just an adorable little Spikel, and a leader for his tribe. As cute as he is, he also loves sleepovers, parties and pillow-fights!
<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Purple; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=tan>[[File:41525 Magnifo b.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the spectacular Magnifo!</font></div>
<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Tan; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=purple>[[File:Scorpi Caring.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the overrated but cute Scorpi.</font></div>
<div style="width:25em; height:5.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:#00E1FF; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=purple>[[File:41511 Flurr b.png|thumb|left|100px]] This user is a fan of the flying Flurr!</font></div>
<div style="width:25em; height:5.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Yellow; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=purple>[[File:41506 Teslo b.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the intellegent Teslo!</font></div>
<div style="width:25em; height:5.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:#00E1FF; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=purple>[[File:41510 Lunk b.png|thumb|left|65px]] This user is a fan of the goofy Lunk!</font></div>
<div style="width:20em; height:12em; border:3px solid #999; background-color:tan; color:#000; padding-top:0em;">
<font color=purple>[[File:Scorpi_Caring.png|thumb|left|130px]] This user is caring.<br />That means that this user is very friendly and is safe to talk to.</font></div><font color=purple>[[File:MorganJordan_Cover_Picture.png|thumb|675px]] </font><font color=tan>I'm MorganJordan or you can call me MJ for short, or you could call me Magnifo. I am just an average Mixels fan. Feel free to check out my profile. </font><font color=tan>[[File:Mr._Bean_in_Church.png|thumb|And try to stay awake while looking at my profile, unlike this guy.]] </font><font color=tan>{{CharacterInfobox
|Color = Purple
|name = [[File:MorganJordan's_name_in_Mixels_font.png|thumb]]|image = [[File:Sir harley gassup cars 2 single.jpg|thumb]]
|gender = Male<br>
|appear = MAY 26, 2014
|likes = Mixels<br>Mr. Bean<br>McDonalds<br>KFC<br>Pizza<br>Theme Parks<br>Going On Holiday<br>[[User:FlurrFood24|FlurrFood24]]<br>Christmas Time<br>
|dislikes = Nixels<br>Bullies<br>Wikia Contributors<br>Heights<br>
|voice = Myself
|color = Purple
|quote = "I’M SPECTACULAAAAR!"}} </font><font color=tan><gallery type="slideshow">
Magnifo MOTM.png|Favourite Mixel
Zapmo.jpg|Favourite Mix
Cartoon Spikels Max.PNG|Favourite Max
Scurt.jpg|Favourite Murp
</gallery> </font><font color=tan><poll>
Which is your favourite Mixel?
Nurp Naut
</poll> </font>===<font color=tan><font color=tan>Some things about me</font></font>==
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>I am 15 years old. </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>I live in Birmingham, England. </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>I am super crazy for Mr. Bean. I just love him so much. One of the funniest TV characters of all. I even dressed Magnifo as him. </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>I often have trouble deciding things. </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Sometimes, I can feel very shy. </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>I am respectful for every user on this wiki, expect Wikia Contributors and some blocked (or nixed) users. </font> </font>
==<font color=tan><font color=tan>Mixels from favourite to least favourite</font></font>==
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Magnifo]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Scorpi]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Flurr]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Teslo]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Lunk]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Torts]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Wizwuz]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Flain]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Shuff]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Glomp]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Nurp-Naut]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Zaptor]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Gobba]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Slumbo]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Seismo]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Mesmo]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Rokit]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Hoogi]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Tentro]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Vampos]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Footi]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Globert]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Flamzer]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Vulk]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Volectro]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Chomly]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Jawg]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Kraw]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Niksput]]</font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Krader]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Burnard]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Glurt]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Boogly]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Balk]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Meltus]] </font> </font>
* <font color=tan><font color=tan>[[Zorch]] </font> </font>
==<font color=tan><font color=tan>Tribes from favourite to least favourite</font></font>==
<font color=tan>
<font color=tan>Note: This was even harder to decide than putting all the Mixels in order from favourite to least favourite. </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Wiztastics </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Spikels </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Frosticons </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Electroids </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Glorp Corp </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Orbitronz </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Infernites (2014) </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Glowkies </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Fang Gang </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Cragsters </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Infernites (2015) </font> </font>
*<font color=tan><font color=tan>Flexers </font> </font>
==<font color=white><font color=white>Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe in order</font></font>==
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41500_Flain_b.png|175px]][[File:41501_Vulk_b.png|175px]][[File:41502_Zorch_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41505_Shuff_b.png|175px]][[File:41504_Seismo_b.png|175px]][[File:41503_Krader_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41506_Teslo_b.png|175px]][[File:41507_Zaptor_b.png|175px]][[File:41508_Volectro_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41511_Flurr_b.png|175px]][[File:41510_Lunk_b.png|130px]][[File:41509_Slumbo_b-1.png|190px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41513_Gobba_b.png|175px]][[File:41512_Chomly_b.png|130px]][[File:41514_Jawg_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41516_Tentro_7.png|175px]][[File:Kraw_Is_Cool.png|175px]][[File:41517_Balk_b.png|200px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:Torts b.png|175px]][[File:41518_Glomp_b.png|175px]][[File:41519_Glurt_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:Scorpi_Caring.png|175px]][[File:41523_Hoogi_B.png|200px]][[File:41521_Footi_b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:41525 Magnifo b.png|175px]][[File:41526_Wizwuz_b.png|200px]][[File:41524 Mesmo b.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:Nurp-NautTransparent.png|175px]][[File:RokitTransparent..png|175px]][[File:NiksputArtwork.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:FlamzerTransparent.png|175px]][[File:BurnardTransparent.png|175px]][[File:MeltusTransparent.png|175px]] </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>[[File:VamposTransparent.png|175px]][[File:GlobertTransparent.png|175px]][[File:BooglyTransparent.png|175px]] </font> </font>
==<font color=white><font color=white>Favourite Mixel from Each Series</font></font>==
*<font color=white><font color=white>Series 1 - Teslo </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Series 2 - Flurr </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Series 3 - Magnifo  </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Series 4 - Nurp-Naut </font> </font>
==<font color=white><font color=white>Do I have that Mixel?</font></font>==
<font color=white>
<font color=white><gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
Flain Set.jpg|No.
Vulk Set.png|No.
Zorch Set.png|No.
Krader Set.png|No.
Seismo Set.png|No.
Shuff Set.png|No.
Teslo Set.png|No.
Zaptor Set.png|No.
Volectro Set.png|No.
41509 Slumbo.png|No.
41510 Lunk.png|Lunk
41511 Flurr.png|No.
41512 Cromly.png|No.
41513 Gobba.png|No.
41514 Jawg.png|No.
41515 Kraw.png|Yes.
41516 Tentro.png|No.
41517 Balk.png|Yes.
41518 Glomp.png|No.
41519 Glurt.png|No.
41520 Torts.png|No.
41521 Footi.png|No.
41522 Scorpi.png|No.
41523 Hoogi.png|No.
41524 Mesmo.png|No.
41525 Magnifo.png|No.
41526 Wizwuz.png|No.
</gallery> </font>
==<font color=white><font color=white>Mixels from cute to not cute</font></font>==
<font color=white>
<font color=white>[[File:CALL_AN_AMBULANCE,_I'M_DYING_OF_CUTENESS.PNG|thumb|322px|Cutest thing on the planet!]]</font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Scorpi</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Magnifo</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Lunk </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Flain </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Zaptor </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Shuff </font>[[File:Cute_Maggy.jpg|thumb|340px|But my favourite Mixel is super cute as well.]] </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Flamzer</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Jawg </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Wizwuz </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Vampos</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Flurr</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Torts</font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Globert </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Teslo </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Nurp-Naut </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Footi </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Tentro </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Vulk </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Kraw </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Glomp </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Seismo </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Gobba </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Rokit </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Niksput </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Mesmo </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Krader </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Slumbo </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Volectro </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Glurt </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Boogly </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Chomly </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Burnard  </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Balk </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Meltus </font> </font>
*<font color=white><font color=white>Zorch </font> </font>
==<font color=white><font color="white">My Mixes and Murps</font></font>==
<font color=white>
<font color="white">Coming soon...</font>
==<font color=white><font color="white">My opinions on Mixes, Maxes and Murps</font></font>==
<font color=white>
<font color="white"><gallery type="slideshow">
Flaismo.PNG|That is awesome sauce!
640px-Flain and Krader Mix!.jpg|A little creepy, but cool on it's power.
636px-Flain and Teslo Mix!.jpg|AWESOME.
Feslo.png|That's what I call a Mix!
180px-That's not Flain.PNG|OK, that's frightening.
180px-Zorff.png|Quite silly, but not strange.
180px-Teslorch.png|I find the LEGO one better.
640px-Murp10.jpg|Let's roll!
Zorch_and_Volectro_Mix.png|Silly and creepy.
177px-Kradslo.png|Looks like a baseball bat.
180px-Vulksmo.png|Very cool!
180px-Seizorch.jpg|Get ready for take off!
180px-Seismectro.png|That's very creepy.
Shufflectro.png|Creepy, but cool at the same time.
Zuff.png|Turn on the pinball machine!
640px-Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.45.49.png|Very cool, but hands are a little creepy.
185px-Get_Your_Rock_Pops.jpg|Food coming out of his mouth is a bit gross.
185px-Krolectro.jpg|AWESOME SAUCE! This is definitely one of favourites!
434px-Vulktor.jpg|Nice hands!
180px-Zapmo.jpg|PERSONAL BEST.
397px-Zraw.png|That's one of the ugliest things in the world.
HDFlurrTesloMix.png|Almost as cute as Scorpi! I luv it! My second personal fav!
Vumbo.jpg|Food coming out of his mouth is a bit gross.
Slumbvulk.png|So wacky!
Slumbvulkfinal.png|That's so much better than the first two.
HDJawgSlumboMix.png|That is super cool!
Krambo.png|As Chomly would say - Yes, yes, yes, yes, YEEES!!
180px-Jawnk.PNG|That is hideous.
HDLunkTentroMix1.png|Quite OK...
HDLunkTentroMix2.png|Master Chef!
180px-Vunk.PNG|OMG! EPIC!
Goblurr.png|That's a good one!
HDGobbaFlainMix.png|That's sweet, bro!
HDGobbaTentroMix.png|Not much to say about this one.
Nudder kraw gobba mix.png|Woah.
180px-Krabba.PNG|Another awesome one!
GobbaKraw2trans.png|Rap it up!
Swinging.jpg|Quite good.
Kraw andGobba Mix.jpg|Boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika!
KrawGobba4trans.png|Quite funny.
HDFlurrChomlyMix.png|One word - WHAT?!
HDChomlyBalkMix.png|Not bad.
HDKrawVolectroMix.png|That's so cute!
HDBalkJawgMix.png|I hate it.
HDGlompHoogiMix.png|Brilliant work, CN!
HDMagnifoGlurtMix.png|That's strange!
HDGlurtScorpiMix.png|This combo is cute and awesome!
Torts-Mesmo Mix.png|Quite weird, but awesome.
HDTortsScorpiMix.png|That's very cute!
HDHoogiTortsMix.png|Strange, but alright.
Morsmo.png|Favourite out of Series 3! Just too cute!
FootiMagnifotrans.png|WHAT THE F***?
Hoogifotrans.png|Finally, my favourite Mixel has a great Mix!
MesmoGlomptrans.png|I love that one. Just like the LEGO one.
HDFootiMesmoMix.png|Look at that jaw!
HDMesmoTortsMix1.png|Look at the bottom of his body...
HDGlurtWizwuzMix.png|Wizwuz can mix!
<gallery type="slideshow">
Infernites MAX Artwork.png|Not much to say, but it looks awesome.
Cragsters Max.png|I like the fact it can turn into a boulder, but why does he have only 4 teeth?
Electroids MAX Artwork.png|That's incerdibly awesome!
Ice Max.png|It looks tired, but really nice hands.
FangGang max without background.png|Wow! That is an amazing Max!
Flexers Max without background.PNG|Mustache power!
Glorp Corp Max without background.PNG|Very gooey.
Spikels Max without background.PNG|ADORABLE! Definitely my personal best!
Wiztastics max without background.png|AWESOME! My second favourite Max!
<gallery type="slideshow">
Murp Blocked.png|What the what?
HDShuffZaptorMurp.png|Quite cute.
170px-Flain Slumbo Murp.png|A log Mixel is just silly.
HDGlurtScorpiMurp.png|Adorable, but deadly!
<gallery type="slideshow">
FlainSeismoLEGO.jpg|Awesome! Just like the cartoon one!
VulkFlainLEGO.jpg|Gross. You guys know what I mean...
FlainShuffLEGO.jpg|That is super cute!
180px-TesloFlainLEGO.jpg|Freakin awesome!
180px-FlainZaptorLEGO.jpg|This Mix is awesome! Looks like a battle robot!
FlainVolectroLEGO.jpg|Well done, LEGO! Favourite for Series 1!
180px-VulkZorchLEGO.jpg|I hate it.
180px-SeismoVulkLEGO.jpg|Come on, seriously?
180px-SeismoZorchLEGO.jpg|Take off!
180px-ZorchTesloLEGO.jpg|Say, what now?
180px-ZaptorZorchLEGO.jpg|I like that one!
180px-KraderShuffLEGO.jpg|Pretty good.
KraderZaptorLEGO.jpg|Nice work!
VolectroSeismoLEGO.jpg|That is too creepy.
ZaptorVolectroLEGO.jpg|Unleash the Frankie!
FlurrKrawLEGO.jpg|Quite cute.
FlurrBalkLEGO.jpg|This Mix is amazing!
FlurrJawgLEGO.jpg|Aww, that's very cute.
LunkBalkLEGO.jpg|This Mix is great, actually.
SlumboKrawLEGO.jpg|Release the ice crab!
SlumboFlurrLEGO.jpg|Pretty good.
SlumboLunkLEGO.jpg|A little silly.
SlumboChomlyLEGO.png|Hmm, not bad.
ChomlyJawgLEGO.jpg|Another creepy one.
JawgTentroLEGO.jpg|OK, that's a cool one.
JawgBalkLEGO.jpg|Pretty nice!
GobbaTentroLEGO.jpg|One word: WHAT?!
[[File:Vulk_In_le_audience.png|thumb|663px|<font color=white><font color=white>That was amazing! I loved it! </font> </font>]]
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
<font color=white>
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