The Golden Cubit

aka ReloaxaThePinkWater

  • I live in Birmingham, England
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Animator, musician
  • I am Male
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User:The Golden Cubit/Mixes and Murps|My Mixes and Murps
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User:The_Golden_Cubit/My_Creatures|My Creatures
| [[image:DEUDLLE.png|200px]]
|bgcolor="#B300FA" align=left style="padding:0px 10px; -moz-border-radius-topright:3px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:3px;"| '''Abra, Ca-wacka... DOOOOOOOOOOODULLLLLLLLL!'''
This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is the serious and smart leader of the Wiztastics. This one-eyed magician hates when his shows go wrong, and they usually end up going down that path. He is still sure to make you laugh, though!
{| class="collapsible collapsed" align=center bgcolor="tan" style="border:2px solid tan; -moz-border-radius:7px; width:100%; color:tan;
!bgcolor="tan" colspan=2 align=center style="font-size:13.5px; -moz-border-radius:6px; border:1px solid tan;"|
| [[image:Aww_Scorpi.png|200px]]
|bgcolor="tan" align=left style="padding:0px 10px; -moz-border-radius-topright:3px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:3px;"| '''Awww, Scorpi, you're just the cutest wittle Mixel!!'''
This Mixel is known as Scorpi! Scorpi is just an adorable little Spikel, and a leader for his tribe. As cute as he is, he also loves sleepovers, parties and pillow-fights!
<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Purple; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">[[File:41525 Magnifo b.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the spectacular Magnifo!</div>
<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Tan; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">[[File:Scorpi Caring.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the overrated but cute Scorpi.</div>
<div style="width:20em; height:12em; border:3px solid #999; background-color:tan; color:#000; padding-top:0em;">[[File:Scorpi_Caring.png|thumb|left|130px]] This user is caring. That means that this user is very friendly and is safe to talk to.</div>
I'm MorganJordan (or MJ for short). Check out my profile.
[[File:Mr._Bean_in_Church.png|thumb|And try to stay awake while looking at my profile, unlike this guy.]]
|Color = Green
|name = Mr. Bean|image = [[File:Mr-Bean-mr--bean-166155_598_328.jpg|thumb]]
|gender = Male<br>
|appear = 1st January 1990
|likes = Mixels<br>McDonalds<br>KFC<br>Pizza<br>Theme Parks<br>Going On Holiday
|dislikes = Nixels<br>Bullies<br>Wikia Contributors
|voice = Myself
|color = Skin colour, tweed, white, red, black
|quote = "Are you feeling lucky, punk?"}}
==Some things about me==
<gallery type="slideshow">
Magnifo MOTM.png|Favourite Mixel
Zapmo.jpg|Favourite Mix
Cartoon Spikels Max.PNG|Favourite Max
Scurt.jpg|Favourite Murp
*I am 15 years old.
*I am one of the world's biggest Mr. Bean fans.
*I'm "Number 3" and I've come from "The Dressing Room".
*I am a huge comedy fan. I love comedy TV shows, films and books.
*My personal favourite Mixels are Magnifo, Scorpi, Flurr, Torts and Lunk.
*I often have trouble deciding things.
*Even though I usually portray Magnifo, just for fun, I decided to portray Globert (because he may become my favourite Series 4 Mixel).
*I am respectful for every user on this wiki, expect Wikia Contributors and some blocked (or nixed) users.
Which is your favourite Mixel?
Nurp Naut
==Mixels from favourite to least favourite==
Note: I don't hate or dislike any of the Mixels at the end. It was just hard deciding.
==Tribes from favourite to least favourite==
Note: This was even harder to decide than putting all the Mixels in order from favourite to least favourite.
*Glorp Corp
*Infernites (2014)
*Fang Gang
*Infernites (2015)
==Favourite Mixel from Each Trive==
*Infernites (2014): Flain
*Cragsters: Seismo 
*Electroids: Teslo 
*Frosticons: Flurr
*Fang Gang: Gobba
*Flexers: Kraw
*Glorp Corp: Torts
*Spikels: Scorpi
*Wiztastics: Magnifo
*Orbitonz: Nurp-Naut
*Infernites (2015): Flamzer
*Glowkies: Globert
==Favourite Mixel from Each Series==
*Series 1 - Teslo
*Series 2 - Flurr
*Series 3 - Magnifo
*Series 4 - Globert
==Mixels I have==
I don't own any Mixels yet, but I will hopefully be starting my collection soon.
<gallery type="slideshow">
Flaismo.PNG|That is awesome sauce!
640px-Flain and Krader Mix!.jpg|A little creepy, but cool on it's power.
636px-Flain and Teslo Mix!.jpg|THAT'S SO AWESOME AND ADORABLE!
Feslo.png|That's what I call a Mix!
180px-That's not Flain.PNG|OK, that's frightening.
180px-Zorff.png|Quite silly.
180px-Teslorch.png|I find the LEGO one better.
640px-Murp10.jpg|Let's roll!
Zorch_and_Volectro_Mix.png|Silly and creepy.
177px-Kradslo.png|Looks like a baseball bat.
180px-Vulksmo.png|Very cool!
180px-Seizorch.jpg|Get ready for take off!
180px-Seismectro.png|That's very creepy.
Shufflectro.png|Creepy, but cool at the same time.
Zuff.png|Turn on the pinball machine!
640px-Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.45.49.png|Very cool, but hands are a little creepy.
185px-Get_Your_Rock_Pops.jpg|Food coming out of his mouth is a bit gross.
185px-Krolectro.jpg|AWESOME SAUCE! This is definitely one of favourites!
434px-Vulktor.jpg|Nice hands!
180px-Zapmo.jpg|This is the most AWESOME Mix of all! My personal best!
397px-Zraw.png|That's one of the ugliest things in the world.
HDFlurrTesloMix.png|Almost as cute as Scorpi! I luv it!
Vumbo.jpg|Food coming out of his mouth is a bit gross.
Slumbvulk.png|So wacky!
Slumbvulkfinal.png|That's so much better than the first two.
HDJawgSlumboMix.png|That is super cool!
Krambo.png|As Chomly would say - Yes, yes, yes, yes, YEEES!!
180px-Jawnk.PNG|That is hideous.
HDLunkTentroMix1.png|Quite OK...
Goblurr.png|That's a good one!
HDGobbaFlainMix.png|That's sweet, bro!
180px-Krabba.PNG|Another awesome one!
Kraw andGobba Mix.jpg|Boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika!
<gallery type="slideshow">
Infernites MAX Artwork.png|Not much to say, but it looks awesome.
Cragsters Max.png|I like the fact it can turn into a boulder, but why does he have only 4 teeth?
Electroids MAX Artwork.png|That's incerdibly awesome!
Ice Max.png|It looks tired, but really nice hands.
FangGang max without background.png|Wow! That is an amazing Max!
Flexers Max without background.PNG|Mustache power!
Glorp Corp Max without background.PNG|Very gooey.
Spikels Max without background.PNG|ADORABLE! Definitely my personal best!
Wiztastics max without background.png|AWESOME! My second favourite Max!
==Mixels from cute to not cute==
*Nurp Naut
==My Mixes and Murps==
Coming soon...
==Mixels Wiki Badges for Users==
I am gonna make some badges for some of the users on this wiki. I will add the Mixels Wiki picture, the user's favourite Mixel (or any other fictional character) in the middle and the name of the user underneath. Please show me the photo you want me to use before I do it.
Mixels Wiki MorganJordan Badge 2.png|MorganJordan
Mixels Wiki Volectro Badge.png|Volectro
Mixels Wiki Hyperealistic Gaben Badge.png|Hyperealistic Gaben
Mixels Wiki WatermelonSunshine Badge.png|WatermelonSunshine
Mixels Wiki Derekis Badge.png|Derekis
[[File:I_loved_it!.png|thumb|left|680px|'''THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT!''']]

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