The Golden Cubit

aka ReloaxaThePinkWater

  • I live in Birmingham, England
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Animator, musician
  • I am Male
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<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Purple; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">[[File:41525 Magnifo b.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the spectacular Magnifo!</div>
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<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Tan; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">[[File:Scorpi Caring.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the overrated but cute Scorpi.</div>
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I'm MorganJordan (or MJ for short). Check out my profile.
[[File:CALL_AN_AMBULANCE,_I'M_DYING_OF_CUTENESS.PNG|thumb|No one is cuter then this little guy!]]
|Color = Green
|name = Mr. Bean|image = [[File:Mr-Bean-mr--bean-166155_598_328.jpg|thumb]]
|gender = Male<br>
|appear = 1st January 1990
|likes = My British Leyland Mini<br>Mixels <br>Thomas and Friends (strangely)<br>McDonalds<br>KFC<br>
|dislikes = Nixels<br>Bullies
|voice = Myself
|color = Skin colour, tweed, white, red, black
|quote = "Are you feeling lucky, punk?"}}
==Some things about me==
<gallery type="slideshow">
Magnifo MOTM.png|Favourite Mixel
Zapmo.jpg|Favourite Mix
Cartoon Spikels Max.PNG|Favourite Max
Scurt.jpg|Favourite Murp
*I am 15 years old.
*I live in Birmingham, England.
*Sometimes I call myself "The Comedy Master".
==Mixels from favourite to least favourite==
Note: I don't hate any of the Mixels at the end. It was just hard choosing.
==Tribes from favourite to least favourite==
*Glorp Corp
*Infernites (2014)
*Fang Gang
*Infernites (2015)
==Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe==
41500 Flain b.png
41504 Seismo b.png
41506 Teslo b.png
41511 Flurr b.png
41513 Gobba b.png
41515 Kraw b.png
300px-Torts b.png
Scorpi Caring.png
Magnifo MOTM.png
==Neutral Mixel from Each Tribe==
41501 Vulk b.png
41503 Krader b.png
41507 Zaptor b.png
41510 Lunk b.png
41514 Jawg b.png
41516 Tentro b-1.png
41518 Glomp b2.png
41521 Footi b2.png
41524 Mesmo b.png
==Least Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe==
41502 Zorch b.png
41505 Shuff b.png
41508 Volectro b.png
41509 Slumbo b2.png
41512 Chomly b.png
41517 Balk b.png
41519 Glurt b2.png
41523 Hoogi B.png
41526 Wizwuz b2.png
==Favourite Mixel from each Series==
*Series 1 - Flain
*Series 2 - Flurr
*Series 3 - Magnifo
*Series 4 - Nurp-Naut
==Mixels I have==
I don't own any Mixels yet, but I will hopefully be starting my collection soon.
==Mixels from cute to not cute==
* Shuff
*Nurp Naut
==My Mixes and Murps (you are allowed to request me some)==
Mixels Mix 1.png|Volectro/Slumbo Mix
Mixels Mix 2.png|Gobba/Glomp Mix
Mixels Murp 1.png|Balk/Vulk Murp
Mixels Mix 3.png|Torts/Teslo Mix
Mixels Murp 2.png|Tentro/Wizwuz Murp
Mixels Mix 4.png|Zaptor/Scorpi Mix
Mixels Mix 5.png|Flain/Flurr Mix
Mixels Mix 6.png|Teslo/Footi Mix
[[File:I_loved_it!.png|thumb|left|680px|'''THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT!''']]

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