The Golden Cubit

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  • I live in Birmingham, England
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Animator, musician
  • I am Male
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<div style="width:25em; height:6.5em; border:2px solid #999; background-color:Purple; color:#00000; text-align:center; padding-top:0em;">[[File:41525 Magnifo b.png|thumb|left|75px]] This user is a fan of the spectacular Magnifo!</div>
{{Retired Staff}}<tabview>
I'm MorganJordan (or MJ for short). Check out my profile.
User:The Golden Cubit/Info|User Page
User:The Golden Cubit/Mixes and Murps|My Mixes and Murps
User:The Golden Cubit/Sandbox|Sandbox
|Color = Purple
User:The Golden Cubit/My OCs|My OCs
|name = MorganJordan|image =
User:The_Golden_Cubit/My_Creatures|My Creatures
|tribe = [[Wiztastics]]
|gender = Male<br>
|appear = MAY 26, 2014
|likes = Helping out<br>Being friendly<br>Mixels (well, duh)<br>Mr. Bean<br>McDonalds<br>KFC<br>
|dislikes = Rude People<br>Bullies<br>Nixels<br>Wikia Contributors (sometimes)<br>Being insulted<br>
|voice = Myself
|color = Purple
|quote = "Let's do it!"}}
==Favourite things from Mixels==
*Favourite Mixel: Magnifo 
*Favourite Mix: Zaptor/Seismo Mix
*Favourite Max: Spikels Max
*Favourite Murp: Glurt/Scorpi Murp
*Favourite Episode: Snow Half-Pipe
*Favourite Tribe: Wiztastics
*Favourite Series: Series 3
==Mixels from favourite to least favourite==
==Tribes from favourite to least favourite==
*Glorp Corp
*Infernites (2014)
*Fang Gang
*Infernites (2015)
==Favourite Mixel from Each Tribe==
*Infernites (2014) - Flain
*Cragsters - Seismo
*Electroids - Teslo
*Frosticons - Flurr
*Fang Gang - Gobba
*Flexers - Kraw
*Glorp Corp - Torts
*Spikels - Scorpi
*Wiztastics - Magnifo 
*Orbitonz - Nurp-Naut
*Glowkies - Globert
*Infernites (2015) - Flamzer
==Neutral Mixel from each tribe==
*Infernites (2014) - Vulk
*Cragsters - Shuff
*Electroids - Zaptor
*Frosticons - Lunk
*Fang Gang - Jawg
*Flexers - Tentro
*Glorp Corp - Glomp
*Spikels - Footi
*Wiztastics - Mesmo
*Orbitonz - Rokit
*Glowkies - Vampos
*Infernites (2015) - Burnard
==Least favourite Mixel from each tribe==
*Infernites (2014) - Zorch
*Cragsters - Krader
*Electroids - Volectro
*Frosticons - Slumbo
*Fang Gang - Chomly
*Flexers - Balk
*Glorp Corp - Glurt
*Spikels - Hoogi
*Wiztastics - Wizwuz
*Orbitonz - Niksput
*Glowkies - Boogly
*Infernites (2015) - Meltus
==Favourite Mixel from each Series==
*Series 1 - Flain
*Series 2 - Flurr
*Series 3 - Magnifo
*Series 4 - Nurp-Naut
==Mixels from cute to not cute==
*Nurp Naut
*Burnard (cartoon version is cuter in my opinion)
==My Mixels Fanon Episodes==
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 600px;"
| scope="col" |'''Episode Name and Link'''
| scope="col" |'''Characters'''
| scope="col" |'''Released'''
|Huggie Huggie
|Saving Seismo
Every Mixel from Series 1-3 except [[Seismo]], [[Teslo]], [[Flurr]], [[Chomly]], [[Glurt]] and [[Mesmo]]
|Golden Cubit Quest
More coming soon!
==My Fan Made Mixes==
{| class="article-table article-table-selected" style="border-collapse: collapse; height: 200px; width: 300px; " border="10" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
Mixel 1
Mixel 2
|Summons a meteor shower
|Has magical essence breath
|Barfing out frozen slime balls
|Uses his wands to shoot fire
|Spins to summon an electric hoop
When the hoop hits something, spikes appear from the ground
|Can use his wands to make ice sculptures
*My personal favourite Mixels are Magnifo, Flurr, Scorpi, Glomp and Flain.
*As well as liking Mixels, I am a huge Mr. Bean fan. He's super hilarious.

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