These are my OC Mixels. Made using LDD. One from each tribe comes with a Nixel.

Bold indicates the leader of the tribe.


The Basebels are are (or who they think they are) professional baseball players. Each day, they appear to be getting better, when really, they keep getting worse.

  • Batto - The leader of the Basebels, loves nothing more than swinging his (not-so) lucky baseball bat.
  • Catchi - This cute Old English Sheepdog-like Mixel is very speedy and she loves playing catch.
  • Frow - Frow has a large baseball glove hand and is a very forgetful Mixel, who sometimes even forgets what he's doing right now.


The Glucoes are very-creative Mixels who love making art and sometimes their creativity can get the best of them.

  • Stikki - The cute and cowardly Stikki has a large gluey eye which spews out glue everywhere when he cries.
  • Drep - The smart and creative leader who's artistic success is because of his concentration.
  • Peveai - Part dog, part beetle, part chameleon, Peveai has a super sticky to catching things in his mouth, but not for spitting them back out.


The Divoes love diving down in the Mixel Ocean, looking for precious treasures.

  • Flip - Flip is the best swimmer in Mixel Land and is a very kind Mixel who likes to solve the other Mixel's problems.
  • Submo - Even though he's little on the short side, Submo has a scope-like eye which can help him far away from above.
  • Cytorp - Cytorp is the bodyguard of the Divoes and isn't usually seen swimming with his fellow tribemates. He has a big mouth which fires torpedos.
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