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The Golden Cubit has once been the Mixel of the Month! Cheers for them!

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|- | I call it Bogo |bgcolor="#F7F7F7" align=left style="padding:0px 10px; -moz-border-radius-topright:3px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:3px;"| Bogo! Mixel Lover has given you a Bogo. Bogos are given to awesome users. Enjoy your pet. Put this on your userpage to show you got a Bogo! |}

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LDD Gumnpyy Rawr!

ToaMatau2004 has given you a Gumnpyy. Gumnpyies are dangerous creatures that must be given to somebody else as soon as possible. If you have gotten a Gumnpyy, put it on your user page to warn others.

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Morphos Bronze Badge

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I'm The Golden Cubit, or you can call me MorganJordan, or just Morgan, which was my former (now alternative) username. I love Mixels a lot. Message me if you have a problem. I can help. Feel free to check out my profile. But, please don't edit without my permission, please. Thank you.

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Product IMG Serie5 41542
Product IMG Serie8 41570
Joined Wiki May 26, 2014
Age 17
Tribe Wiztastics/Lixers/Medix
Wiki Position Rollback (formerly), Normal user (currently)
Gender Male
Likes Mixels
Dislikes Wikia Contributors
Being ignored
Quote "I don't believe it!" (my catchphrase)

  • Favourite Series 1 Mixel – Teslo
  • Favourite Series 2 Mixel – Slumbo
  • Favourite Series 3 Mixel – Magnifo
  • Favourite Series 4 Mixel – Vampos
  • Favourite Series 5 Mixel – Spugg
  • Favourite Series 6 Mixel – Kramm
  • Favourite Series 7 Mixel – Tiketz
  • Favourite Series 8 Mixel – Skrubz
  • Favourite Series 9 Mixel - Camsta
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