I will do everything possible to get Mixels back

My favorite pages

Me have Discord account, you can find me in a server. (Hint:A mixed up fangame server) ;). Find me or di-i mean, find me.

Dumb Trivia

  • Im from Argentina
  • Im extremely obsessed with Mixels since 2014 for no reason
  • I have 3 mixels (Vulk,Zorch and Seismo) but they broke/lost :(
  • I wanted to apply for an anonymous fangame but i got rejected :/
  • I get angry when CN forgets Mixels
  • I made this account in 2018 (obvious as heck)
  • My first OC was made with Zorch and Vulk pieces and decided to call him Flamzy :p
  • My little brother made an OC called Rokyb and he asked me if i could sumbit it for a fangame (PD:His OC will appear! along with some of my ocs too)

The Story (oooOoOoOoOOo)

So i was playing with my toys as a kid in February 2014 and then i saw the TV, and i saw some fun creature trying to get a cocconapple out of a tree and then a red creature appeared and they mixed and i got highly interested in that thing. The End.

Keep Mixing!

Well, i hope yall had fun seeing my biography because this is the last title, SEE YOU NEXT MIX!



But wait, theres more! (My OCs)

Steem! This mixel is always angry, we dont know the reason why! (This is an old vector, will be updated soon)

Scroo! this mixel was sad because everyone had special features but one day, he started to fly with his pipe wings. He was the only one that could do that, and that made him happy. (Old vector, will get updated soon)

Sparklie! He doesnt care about anything very much and hes always on a neutral expression.

Munchief! (my mixsona) He likes to steal food from other people and he always succeeds!

Speedie (up) and Wheely (down)! Speedie is the crazy one and he likes to go fast, but his brother Wheely is more calm until he gets angry, thats where the problems begin...

Bash! The first mixel created by me. He is always bored and nothing will cheer him up, except a good shock from his hands. (Old vector will get updated soon)

Fang-Trap! This mixel cant see, but he can feel. He is always sneaky and nobody can find him because he camouflages in the woods!

Woodly! A representation of Dhomly fans but as a mixel.

Logg! He is always happy! He is always smiling and he will never get sad...unless you insult him.

Comsteroid! He was originally a small mixel, until he found a spacesuit and he now enjoys it so much that he prefers to be like that forever.

Hellhog! He is a bit dumb and he gets easily distracted! Glad his fire buddy is there to make him stop being distracted!

Firehead! He is the polar opposite of Hellhog, also his bestie. Whenever Hellhog gets distracted at something, he rolls his eyes and burns him a bit so he stops getting distracted. (old vector will get updated soon)

Dalmaltian! This mixel is the first to put down a fire and he always gets honor medals, he shows off his medals to other mixels so they get jealous.

Muecus! He is a kid that is usually calm and friendly with other mixels. When nixels attack, he transforms his slimy wings into a giant pair of hands to throw nixels into the air. (old vector will get updated soon)

Waeve! This mixel is clumsy and he is the last one on putting down a fire because he mostly throws water at mixel´s faces for fun during his work hours.

Mixelbot! This mixel is actually a robot found by 2 orbitons. They gave him an AI and they now consider him their third brother!

Mouthyfully! This mixel ate lot and lots of candy! until his jaw got open forever because he put a lot of candy on his mouth, now he cant close it!

Spikelo! This mixel is so famous that he completely forgot about the existence of his best friend. I wonder if his ex-bestie is searching for revenge...

Soomo! This mixel is always serious and he can make a powerful earthquake with his feet!

Yetix! This mixel doesnt have any friends because of his scary look, which makes him sad and grumpy. :( (old vector will get updated soon)

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