aka FireSanti

  • I live in CPR Island (duh)
  • My occupation is no
  • I am Male


I will do everything possible to get Mixels back

My favorite pages

Me have Discord account, you can find me in a server. (Hint:A mixed up fangame server) ;). Find me or di-i mean, find me.

Dumb Trivia

  • Im from Argentina
  • Im extremely obsessed with Mixels since 2014 for no reason
  • I have 3 mixels (Vulk,Zorch and Seismo) but they broke/lost :(
  • I wanted to apply for an anonymous fangame but i got rejected :/
  • I get angry when CN forgets Mixels
  • Marselo
  • I made this account in 2018 (obvious as heck)
  • My first OC was made with Zorch and Vulk pieces and decided to call him Flamzy :p
  • My little brother made an OC called Rokyb and he asked me if i could sumbit it for a fangame (PD:His OC will appear! along with some of my ocs too)

The Story (oooOoOoOoOOo)

So i was playing with my toys as a kid in February 2014 and then i saw the TV, and i saw some fun creature trying to get a cocconapple out of a tree and then a red creature appeared and they mixed and i got highly interested in that thing. The End.

Keep Mixing!

Well, i hope yall had fun seeing my biography because this is the last title, SEE YOU NEXT MIX!



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