aka Maya

  • I live in America (USA)
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Hi, nice to meet you! This where you can learn about me and junk. I love jokes, so a lot of the time I'm cracking a smile! I like you all and I hope some of you like me too. See ya! :P

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My favorite websites

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This one!


Notes about me:

Persona pic for userpage

This is my persona! It's what I look like in my style.

Please don't ask to be on the "friends list".

Please don't scare me, I am easily scared.

Do NOT ask for personal information (Phone number, full name, full birth date, ETC.)

If I upset someone please let me know so I can apologize.

I can range from super silly to very serious.

My favorite quotes from things I like:

"I'm tough and I love to eat rocks!!"

"(audible wink)"

"Is this a cubit? (holds up a sandwich)"


"Do you want to have a bad time? (evil smile, eyes darken)"

"To mix, or not to mix? That is the question."

"We are the CRYSTAL GEMS!"
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This is my mixsona! I use it as a virtual version as me as well. :)


"Peridot...Are you okay?" "NO! :D"

And much much MUCH more!

Quotes by yours truly:





(in no special order)AWESOME PEEPZ :

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Please sign my page if you want, thank you! :)

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