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Sprinkles257 has once been the Mixel of the Month! Cheers for them!

Hi, nice to meet you! This where you can learn about me and junk. I love jokes, so a lot of the time I'm cracking a smile! I like you all and I hope some of you like me too. See ya! :P

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Crews/Trios/Duos I am in:

Random duo: Me and User:Flipfan

Food trio/crew: Me, User:MlNlCUPCAKE, and User:Graham02 (other users in crew)

Clone trio: Me, User:CMRdaawesomeguy, and User:Dadaw

Spam Crew: Me, the rest is a secret! >:3 Special for other wikis.

The splendid Exaggerated Word Crew: Me, User:JoshuaTheKid24, User:CMRdaawesomeguy, User:FlainStorm

My favorite websites

Thank you CoinsCP!


This one!

Google images

This is my mixsona! I use it as a virtual version as me as well. :)


Joined Wiki April 12th
Age 12345666 years old.
Tribe Munchos/Spikels
Wiki Position Chat moderator!!
Gender Female
Likes Food, people (good ones, anyway), science, reading (sort of), puns, Undertale, interesting arguments, etc.
Dislikes Being ignored, getting yelled at, being hated, illness in any shape or form or level in severity
Quote "lol"


Notes about me:

Please don't ask to be on the "friends list".

Please don't scare me, I am easily scared.

Do NOT ask for personal information (Phone number, full name, full birth date, ETC.)

If I upset someone please let me know so I can apologize.

My favorite quotes from things I like:

"I'm tough and I love to eat rocks!!"

"(audible wink)"

"Is this a cubit? (holds up a sandwich)"


"Do you want to have a bad time? (evil smile, eyes darken)"

"To mix, or not to mix? That is the question."

And much much MUCH more!

AWESOME PEEPZ : CMRdaawesomeguy, Pielordmatt, Flipfan, Dadaw, Graham02, MINICUPCAKE, Turg101, TheFrozenFrosticonsKings, Tungster830, Agentpman1, MixelJacobo101, TheSlowking11, ABoringGuy, MixelSark, FlainStorm, ToaMatau2004, and Joshuathekid24.

You lived, great. NOW SIGN, OR ELSE. Jk, but please sign! ^^;

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