aka Maya

  • I live in America (USA)
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

Crews/Trios/Duos I am in:

Random duo: Me and User:Flipfan

Food trio/crew: Me, User:MlNlCUPCAKE, and User:Graham02 (other users in crew)

Clone trio: Me, User:CMRdaawesomeguy, and User:Dadaw

Spam Crew: Me, the rest is a secret! >:3

The splendid Exaggerated Word Crew: Me, User:JoshuaTheKid24, User:CMRdaawesomeguy, User:FlainStorm

QfM 87 Turns out Berp is waiter

Favorite muncho right here! X3

My favorite websites

This one!

Google images

Sprinkles257 title

Thank you CoinsCP!

anything with Meme Faces XD

Favorite Mixel from each tribe:                                                  


  • Infernites: Zorch (2014), Meltus (2015)                                                 
  • Cragsters: Shuff
  • Electroids: Zaptor                                                                                  
  • Frosticons: Slumbo (2014), Snoof (2015)
  • Fang Gang: Chomly
  • Flexers: Tentro
  • Glorp Corp: Torts (2014), Slusho (2015)
  • Spikels: Scorpi
  • Wiztastics: Magnifo
  • Orbitrons: Nurp-Naut
  • Glowkies: Vampos
  • Klinkers: Jinky
  • Lixers: Spugg
  • Weldos: Wuzzo
  • Medivals: Camillot
  • MCPD: Tiketz
  • Mixies: Tapsy

Notes about me:

Please don't ask to be on the "friends list".

Please don't scare me, I am easily scared.

Do NOT ask for personal information (Phone number, full name, full birth date, ETC.)

Don't be afraid to talk to me as long as you follow the above requests. Thank you! ^-^



CMRdaawesomeguy: I met him when I joined in (April???) but I actually didn't really get to know him until (Summer?) and I now know he is very nice, trusting, and he talks to me. He's also quite funny! Clone trio member.

Flipfan: Funny, called me his friend and I think the same, friendly, is the one to speak up for those who "want attention", he needs a break from the internet and I totally respect that. One of the nicest here like Agentpman1, Graham02, and CMRdaawesomeguy.

Dadaw: I can talk to him about things others wouldn't understand, he's nice. Clone trio member.

Graham02: I met him on my first comment here which was some kind of thread about underaged users but really, when I see him on chat it makes me happy because he is funny sometimes and very friendly to me.

MINICUPCAKE: She understands me well. I like her sense of humor. Food trio member.

Turg101: He's nice, and we give each other silly nicknames, I can't really say much about him, he's just awesome. Period.

ZootyCutie: She's very helpful and nice.

Tungster830: Blah, he's funny and nice.

Agentpman1: He is currently banned but I don't care, he stays by my side and he is nice, spam or not.

MixelJacobo101: His videos are funny, he is one of the nicest people, like CMR. I hope to see him more.

TheSlowking11: Nice guy, really like waddle dees don't ya? X3

ABoringGuy: What can I say, he's great, protects me, and is very funny at times. Great guy!

MixelSark: Makes awesome lego OC's, funny, friendly. What else could you want from him? Nothing, because he's cool.

FlainStorm: Gave me a great nickname, Enderkitty. He's nice, funny at times, and is supportive.

ClassicMixelsFan: Same reasons as Agentpman1 but this cool guy isn't banned!

ToaMatau2004: He's a strict but fair and friendly (admin or b-crat?) and I hope he stays for a bit.

MeltusTheMixel554: He asked, but I learned he's nice and I hope we soon become better friends.

Joshuathekid24: When I first saw him on DA I wanted to be is friend but was too shy to ask. I finally did after a bit and he accepted. I found out he was on the wiki and he was funny, smart (with words!), and artistic. I'm happy to be his friend. (Woah that was long!)


About me:

Hello, nice to meet you. Wow, barely started and i'm already starting bad. XD Anyways...i'm Sprinkles257 but some call me "Sprink" or Maya. I love making new friends but it's a bit hard when your constantly drawn to problems..heck I was even called "problematic". But who cares, I just want to get to know you all and eventually be friends! ^w^

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