• My occupation is Graphic Designer/Story Maker/ Animator in Training
  • I am Female
I call it Bogo

Hello everyone! My name is SonicAsura! This is my first time joining the Mixels community & I'll do my best to post some cool stuff! One thing I'm really hoping for is that the creators of Mixels makes an actual full Mixels Tv show or movie for us Mixel fans to enjoy! I'll post some images from my Deviantart page here for those to enjoy! I'll also like to hear any good ideas for stories involving the Mixels! Here is my first Mixels picture! I also do stories & cool art on a website call Deviantart. I'm testing out a new idea in my story known as Mixel Force. Mixel Force is basically when a Mixel mixes with a non-Mixel being creating a powerful mix of the two combine known as Mixoni(or All Mix). Mixonis have the powers of both the Mixel & non-Mixel used in the creation but also special powers only that Mixoni can do. A Mixoni can be created with any Mixel even a Max or Mix but a Cubit of one of the tribes involved has to be used. I'll create more of these Mixel Force forms if anyone gives me some ideas.

Recieved a Bogo from Tungster.

Kradara, Cragster Empress of Arms

First Mixel Force, Kradara, Cragster Empress of Arms (Mixel force of Krader & Geri Draco Cooper Akamishi)

Flain of the Infernites Akamishi Legends squad

First Mixels picture

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