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This Mixel is known as Snoof! Snoof is a bright-eyed bumpkin who has a naive fascination with the fast-paced mixel world around him.

Snoof Frosticon Mixel
Thanks to LaLacMixelz
Joined Wiki November 6, 2015
Age 16
Tribe Frosticons
Wiki Position Member
Gender Male
Likes Memes
Dislikes idk
Quote oofers

Hi there! I'm Snoof The Frosticon Mixel.

Welcome to my profile page!

My favorite Mixels by Series

Series 1 - Teslo

Series 2 - Lunk

Series 3 - Footi

Series 4 - Niksput

Series 5 - Snoof

Series 6 - Vaka-Waka

Series 7 - Paladum

Series 8 - Skulzy

Series 9 - Sweepz

My favorite Mixels from each Tribe

Infernites (2014) - Vulk

Cragsters - Seismo

Electroids - Teslo

Frosticons (2014) - Lunk

Fang Gang - Gobba

Flexers - Kraw

Glorp Corp (2014) - Glomp

Spikels - Footi

Wiztastics - Mesmo

Orbitons - Niksput

Infernites (2015) - Flamzer

Glowkies - Globert

Klinkers - Jinky

Frosticons (2015) - Snoof

Lixers - Tungster

Weldos - Kramm

Glorp Corp (2015) - Gurggle

Munchos - Vaka-Waka

MCPD - Tiketz

Medivals - Paladum

Mixes - Trumpsy

MCFD - Splasho

Pyrratz - Skulzy

Medix - Skrubz

Trashoz - Sweepz

Nindjas - Mysto

Newzers - Screeno

Mixels what I've got

all of them

Some Facts

Cornered cubit
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