SEISMO GREATEST DIG-DIG "Me greatest Dig Dig."

This Mixel is known as Seismo! Seismo, despite his tough appearance, is a gentle giant and is shy and timid. He lacks intelligence but makes up for it with his strength.

DEUDLLE "Abra…ca-wacka…DOODLE!"

This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is an overconfident Mixel and often fails at his magic tricks, but is a great friend.

Jinky Bells "Yeah, check out me bells!"

This Mixel is known as Jinky! Jinky is a quiet, aging, heavy metal rockstar in the body of a walking boiler room.

Eyyyy there, Welcome to My user page, I've been a Mixels fan since 2015.

Favorite to least favorite mixels in each tribe

2014 Infernites: Vulk-Flain-Zorch

Cragsters: Seismo (duh)-Shuff-Krader

Electroids: Teslo-Volectro-Zaptor

2014 Frosticons: Flurr-Lunk-Slumbo

Flexers: Balk-Tentro-Kraw

Fang Gang: Gobba-Jawg-Chomly

2014 Glorp Corp: Glomp-Torts-Glurt

Spikels: Footi-Hoogi-Scorpi

Wiztastics: Magnifo-Wizwuz-Mesmo

Orbitons: Nurp Naut-Niksput-Rokit

2015 Infernites: Burnard-Meltus-Flamzer

Glowkies: Globert-Boogly-Vampos

Klinkers: Jinky-Gox-Kamzo

2015 Frosticons: Snoff-Krog-Chilbo

Lixers: Tungster-Turg-Spugg

Weldos: Kramm-Wuzzo-Forx

2015 Glorp Corp: Gurggle-Dribbal-Slusho

Munchos: Vaka Waka-Snax-Berp

MCPD: Tiketz-Kuffs-Busto

Medivals: Paladum-Cammilot-Mixadel

Mixies: Jamzy-Trumpsy-Tapsy

MCFD: Splasho-Aquad-Hydro

Pyrrattz: Lewt-Sharkz-Skulzy

Medix: Surgeo-Skrubz-Tuth

Trashoz: Compax-Gobbol-Sweepz

Nindjas: Mysto-Spinza & Cobrax (Tie)

Newzers: Screeno-Camsta-Myke

My favorite mixels from each series

Series 1: Seismo

Series 2: Gobba

Series 3: Magnifo

Series 4: Nurp Naut

Series 5: Jinky

Series 6: Vaka Waka

Series 7: Tiketz

Series 8: Lewt

Series 9: Mysto

My opinion on the Calling all Mixels's mixes

Flain and Seismo Mix in CAM

Nice designs and useful abilities!

Zaptor and Vulk Mix in CAM

Cool! But the 3 eyes make it weiiiird.

Krader and Volectro Mix in CAM

Delicious rock pops everywhere!!!

Lunk and Balk Mix in CAM

ehhh nice.

Teslo and Zorch Mix in CAM

Best series 1 mix ever!!

Zorch and Shuff Mix in CAM

Cute pinball machine :))

Flurr and Kraw Mix in CAM

Cool and strooong

Gobba and Tentro Mix in CAM


Slumbo and Jawg Mix in CAM


Chomly and Flurr Mix in CAM

Weak.... Weak... WEAK

Mesmo&glomp mix

Perfect for some hard levels.

Torts and Scorpi Mix in CAM

I don't have much to say about this

Mesmo and Footi Mix in CAM


Glurt and Wizwuz Mix in CAM

Silly as in the lego form

Hoogi and Magnifo Mix in CAM

Best series 3 mix


  • I prefer Vulk over Flain.
  • My favorite mixels besides Seismo are: Magnifo,Vulk,Jinky and Tiketz.
  • Scorpi was my favorite Spikel (Now it's Footi for some reasons).
  • My least favorite mixels are: Zorch,Mixadel,Forx,Skulzy,Cammilot and Hydro.
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