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SEISMO GREATEST DIG-DIG.png "Me greatest Dig Dig."

This Mixel is known as Seismo! Seismo, despite his tough appearance, is a gentle giant and is shy and timid. He lacks intelligence but makes up for it with his strength.

DEUDLLE.png "Abra…ca-wacka…DOODLE!"

This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is an overconfident Mixel and often fails at his magic tricks, but is a great friend.

Jinky Bells.png "Yeah, check out me bells!"

This Mixel is known as Jinky! Jinky is a quiet, aging, heavy metal rockstar in the body of a walking boiler room.

Eyyyy there, Welcome to My user page, I've been a Mixels fan since 2015.

Favorite to least favorite mixels in each tribe

2014 Infernites: Vulk-Flain-Zorch

Cragsters: Seismo (duh)-Shuff-Krader

Electroids: Teslo-Volectro-Zaptor

2014 Frosticons: Flurr-Lunk-Slumbo

Flexers: Balk-Tentro-Kraw

Fang Gang: Gobba-Jawg-Chomly

2014 Glorp Corp: Glomp-Torts-Glurt

Spikels: Footi-Hoogi-Scorpi

Wiztastics: Magnifo-Wizwuz-Mesmo

Orbitons: Nurp Naut-Niksput-Rokit

2015 Infernites: Burnard-Meltus-Flamzer

Glowkies: Globert-Boogly-Vampos

Klinkers: Jinky-Gox-Kamzo

2015 Frosticons: Snoff-Krog-Chilbo

Lixers: Tungster-Turg-Spugg

Weldos: Kramm-Wuzzo-Forx

2015 Glorp Corp: Gurggle-Dribbal-Slusho

Munchos: Vaka Waka-Snax-Berp

MCPD: Tiketz-Kuffs-Busto

Medivals: Paladum-Cammilot-Mixadel

Mixies: Jamzy-Trumpsy-Tapsy

MCFD: Splasho-Aquad-Hydro

Pyrrattz: Lewt-Sharkz-Skulzy

Medix: Surgeo-Skrubz-Tuth

Trashoz: Compax-Gobbol-Sweepz

Nindjas: Mysto-Spinza & Cobrax (Tie)

Newzers: Screeno-Camsta-Myke

My opinion on the Calling all Mixels's mixes

Nice designs and useful abilities!

Cool! But the 3 eyes make it weiiiird.

Delicious rock pops everywhere!!!

ehhh nice.

Best series 1 mix ever!!

Cute pinball machine :))

Cool and strooong



Weak.... Weak... WEAK

Perfect for some hard levels.

I don't have much to say about this


Silly as in the lego form

Best series 3 mix