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  • I was born on August 10
  • I am Female
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About Me

Nice to meet you~! My name's Riley and I like to be an artist~!

You may find me on:

DeviantArt as DrawingStar12

Twitter as PinknWhiteBat12

YouTube as SuperShark415

Loving Mixels

I first got into that stuff when someone I know was collecting those lego toys. I was checking out Seismo since he was voiced by Tom Kenny who did his voice like Eduardo's from FHFIF. When I noticed people on DA getting into Mixels, I began to like that stuff. <3


IMG 20150626 142606

Mixels I got~!

I have collected all 1-9~!

Series 1: Completed

Infernites - 3/3 Flain: Got/Vulk: Got/Zorch: Got

Cragsters - 3/3 Krader: Got/Seismo: Got/Shuff: Got
IMG 20150612 213438

Eating Macaroons~!

Electroids - 3/3 Teslo: Got/Zaptor: Got/Volectro: Got

  • Globert Plush Toy2

    Handmade Globert Plush Toy

Series 2: Completed

Frosticons - 3/3 Flurr: Got/Slumbo: Got/Lunk: Got

Fang Gang - 3/3 Gobba: Got/Jawg: Got/Chomly:Got

Flexers - 3/3 Kraw: Got/Tentro: Got/Balk: Got

Series 3: Completed

Glorp Corp - 3/3 Glomp: Got/Glurt: Got/Torts: Got

Spikels - 3/3 Scorpi: Got/Hoogi: Got/Footi: Got


Thank you FlainStorm~!

Wiztastics - 3/3 Magnifo: Got/Mesmo: Got/Wizwuz: Got

Series 4: Completed

Orbitons - 3/3 Niksput: Got/Nurp-Naut: Got/Rokit: Got

Infernites 2.0 - 3/3 Burnard: Got/Meltus: Got/Flamzer: Got

Glowkies - 3/3 Globert: Got/Boogly: Got/Vampos: Got

Series 5: Completed

Klinkers - 3/3 Gox: Got/Jinky: Got/Kamzo: Got

Frosticons 2.0 - 3/3 Krog: Got/Chilbo: Got/Snoof: Got

Lixers - 3/3 Spugg: Got/Turg: Got/Tungster: Got

Series 6: Completed

Weldos - 3/3 Kramm: Got/Forx: Got/Wuzzo: Got

Glorp Corp 2.0 - 3/3 Dribbal: Got/Gurggle: Got/Slusho: Got

Munchos - 3/3 Vaka-Waka: Got/Snax: Got/Berp: Got

Series 7: Completed

MCPD - 3/3 Kuffs: Got/Busto: Got/Tiketz: Got

Medivals - 3/3 Camillot: Got/Mixadel: Got/Paladum: Got

Mixies - 3/3 Jamzy: Got/Tapsy: Got/Trumpsy: Got

Series 8: Completed

MCFD - 3/3 Splasho: Got/Aquad: Got/Hydro: Got

Pyrratz - 3/3 Sharx: Got/Skulzy: Got/Lewt: Got

Medix - 3/3 Surgeo: Got/Skrubz: Got/Tuth: Got

Series 9: Completed

Trashoz - 3/3 Gobbol: Got/Sweepz: Got/Compax: Got

Nindjas - 3/3 Mysto: Got/Cobrax: Got/Spinza: Got

Newzers - 3/3 Screeno: Got/Camsta: Got/Myke: Got

Artwork and Dolls

Yes, I tend to draw a lot. I can also sew dolls too.

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