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so, welcome i guess...

i don't have much to say but here is some basic stuff

(actualy there is one thing to point out, orange penguin/pingunaranja and variants of that name are currently dead names for me, i dont mind them as much as some people do with dead names but there´s that just for reference, i currently go by Memmet or Mexican Emmet)


  • My old vessel was based in club penguin(rip)
  • My favorite character is lunk.
  • I only got luck to own 2 mixels and 1 nixel, lunk and magnifo
  • i was the one who found the legendary vcd in sale
  • whatever happend to the penguins have bones argument


I call it Bogo.png Bogo!

Matau has given you a Bogo. Bogos are given to awesome users. Enjoy your pet. Put this on your userpage to show you got a bogo!

Lunk about to sneeze.png "Achoo!"

This Mixel is known as Lunk! Lunk is a slow-moving Mixel mentally and physically, despite his never-give-up attitude and icy exo-skeleton.

Vector of Toop Doop by FS.png Toop-Doop!

A user has given you a Toop-Doop. Toops-Doops are duplicated pet Mixels. Doops are cyan in colour who is friendly related whereas Toops are lime in colour who is skillful. They can flip with their legs, endlessly! Enjoy this pet and put it in your userpage!

My google drive archive of Latinoamerican (spanish)dub episodes (currently sorta abandoned)

As of the moment its public and people can help by adding files:


Most of my contributions are images, some really well-known contributions in this wiki.

Image contributions

( Ñ ) Images with this element in this gallery where found by someone else but i was given the chance in the past to be the one to post them on this wiki, say´d person does not wish to be related to both mixels, and the mixels community as a whole thanks to some backstage situations, and since the original "Idiana Jones" wishes to move on from this legacy, i now claim credit to these images.

As a additional note say´d user has grown to not be a nice person, (once my friend, now basically a sorta-cyberbully annoyance) i keep having nightmares about (for safety reasons i do not wish to currently give details but in a nutshell, i was one of her main victims). This is your warning to not research the original finder of these selected images, not because of who and how she is, because it will likely make the problem worst if one day people apear in her dm´s asking questions about this situation. It´s better to leave the fire to turn off itself.

Uploaded Videos


LEGO® News Show - Folge 5


Lego Mixels Hunting on the London Eye-0


Leaked lego press conference "SALES AND MARGKETIN CONFERENCE 2013"

(this last one was taken down for copyright or something like that)

you ever what happend top the good days of the mixels community when it was y´know, not this, not what it is today... : /

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